Good Gumbo

May 18 Event Recap: Good Gumbo: A History Cambridge Fundraiser with Chef Renee McLeod 

Thu May 18, 2023

On May 18th History Cambridge board member Renee McLeod led another cooking demonstration exploring gumbo, a traditional Southern dish.

In addition to her famous Petsi’s Pies bakery, Renee co-founded Tupleo Restaurant in Inman Square in 2009 (it closed in 2018). Renee knew that a Southern-style restaurant would be successful in Cambridge because of this amazing gumbo recipe. 

What makes gumbo so special? Renee says it’s a collaborative dish, allowing many people to work together and bond over the preparation of a meal.

Thank you to History Cambridge President, Amy Devin, for opening her home to us for this event!