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Leave a Lasting Legacy: Become a Star in the Constellation Club

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The 19th-century Constellation Club was a neighborhood group for children run by Susan Nichols (1810–1892) when she lived in the Hooper-Lee-Nichols House, now home to History Cambridge’s offices and archives.

“It was considered an honor to be asked to belong to it. The young people assembled here one evening each week after dark, and she took them out of doors and showed them the stars, told their names, and related the old myths suggested by the names of the constellations. Afterwards all went into the house, where nuts or doughnuts or gingerbread were served and games were played… [Mrs. Nichols] was sprightly and entertaining and a great favorite with all.”

—Mary Isabella Gozzaldi, Proceedings of the Cambridge Historical Society, v. 16, 1922

Today, we honor individuals who have generously remembered History Cambridge in their estate planning as members of our own Constellation Club.

Marie Bowen

Bartol (Bart) Brinkler

Robert Forbes Davis

Frances White Emerson

Suzanne Revaleon Green

Marjorie Frye Gutheim

George W. Jones

Renny Little

Ellen Moot

Foster McCrum Palmer

Robert Rettig

Elizabeth van Buren

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Contact executive director Marieke Van Damme at 617-547-4252 or mvandamme@historycambridge.org.

If you have already named History Cambridge in your will or trust, please let us know so that we may welcome you into the Constellation Club. Requests for anonymity will be honored.

History Cambridge recommends consulting with your attorney or tax representative for specific information about your estate plans.