Courthouse Seafood (Restaurant & Fish Market)

Years 1912 – 2024 (market); 1987-present (restaurant) Location 498 Cambridge St., East Cambridge Website: History Just a gavel’s throw from the Cambridge Court House used to stand Cambridge’s oldest operating fish market. In the equally-inconspicuous storefront next door, is the restaurant, which opened in 1987 and continues to serve up everything from fish chowder to…

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Jukebox, a community storysharing project


Jukebox is a storytelling project located at the Cambridge Foundry created by socially-engaged multimedia artist Elisa H. Hamilton in partnership with The Loop Lab and Cambridge Arts.

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1986 Neighborhood Trivia Hunt

Cambridge Trivia Hunt

Cambridge has certainly changed over time, and our 1986 trivia hunt shows just how true that is. It serves as a kind of time capsule of our city. Take a trip back in time with this self-guided tour to see how many of these sites are still around. Which ones do you recognize? Which ones…

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Al Vellucci

By Gavin W. Kleespies, 2013 The name Al Vellucci meant different things to different people in Cambridge. But the name meant something to everyone. Vellucci was a political juggernaut, he knew everyone and was at every event. In the 1994 New York Times obituary for Tip O’Neill, Vellucci was quoted as saying “There were only…

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Just-A-Start Helps Restore East Cambridge Homes

By Sal Mancini, 2013 In conjunction with the Cambridge Historical Commission, Just-A-Start has completed several projects in East Cambridge to meet the needs of low-income homeowners while maintaining historical authenticity. JAS has maintained the late-19th-century aesthetic of these East Cambridge structures while meeting modern building code requirements and the accessibility needs of their clients. Contractors…

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