Dennis, Beverly Parks, Lia Thomas and Egypt Lloyd.

History Cambridge has a new partnership, joining with Slave Legacy History Coalition

By Talia Franks, 2022

History Cambridge and the Slave Legacy History Coalition was “excited to announce” they are entering a strategic partnership, leaders said Monday.

Established in the fall of 2021, the SLHC is a consortium of individuals, organizations and institutions engaged in the preservation of the history of enslaved people in the communities of Cambridge, Boston and beyond. As a recently founded organization, it is in the process of applying for its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. In the meantime, History Cambridge will act as its fiscal sponsor and provide administrative support. 

History Cambridge has served as the fiscal sponsor of the Cambridge Black History Project for several decades, offering administrative support for the all-volunteer organization. The relationship with SLHC will be similar.

The Slave Legacy History Coalition was established by Lloyd family descendants of Tony, Cuba and Darby Vassall, whose enslavers endowed the first law professorships at Harvard University, which eventually became Harvard Law School. Since its inception, SLHC has developed educational programming and monthly virtual gatherings to bring together organizations engaged in documenting histories tied to slavery and the accomplishments of slave descendants. Their mission is to help “connect the spokes on the wheel of slavery.”

The Lloyd family has worked with the Museum of African American History in Boston and Nantucket and Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery to produce digital humanities projects such as, an online exhibition of Darby Vassall.

In addition to interactive, digital media that celebrates Black resistance in Boston and Cambridge, the coalition has partnered with National Park Service sites such as the Longfellow House National Historic Site to create public programming that educates visitors about the history of enslavement, Black liberation and persistent legacies of the past.

“The Slave Legacy History Coalition’s mission is to provide easier access to information and resources on the legacy of slavery before and after emancipation for both the families of slave descendants and the general public,” founders Dennis and Egypt Lloyd said. “We hope to create one central site where anyone can find and retrieve information on the legacy of slavery. The Slave Legacy History Coalition greatly appreciates the support and assistance of History Cambridge.”

History Cambridge’s executive director, Marieke Van Damme, said in return that History Cambridge was proud to support the work of the coalition. “Its mission is closely aligned with ours, as we both strive to bring people together to learn about all aspects of history,” Van Damme said. “It is vital that we undertake this work now as the nation readies to commemorate America 250 in 2026 and Cambridge 400 in 2030.”

Other Cambridge organizations involved with the SLHC are the Cambridge Black History Project, the Cambridge Historical Commission, the Cambridge Room at the Cambridge Public LibraryChrist Church CambridgeFirst Church CambridgeHarvard University and the Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site.

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This article was originally published in our “Did You Know?” column in Cambridge Day.