The Window Shop

Compiled by Deb Mandel, 2022 Years 1939 – 1972 Locations 37 Church St. (May 2, 1939-Nov. 1939) 102 Mt. Auburn St. (Nov. 1939-1947) 56 Brattle St. (1947-1972) History A small group of philanthropic-minded Cambridge women opened The Window Shop on the second floor of 37 Church St. in Harvard Square in 1939. One of these women…

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Self-Guided Tour: The Work of Revolution in Cambridge

Laundresses at a Revolutionary Army camp, circa 1780.

Introduction For many, the first image that comes to mind when thinking of Cambridge during the Revolutionary Era is that of General George Washington taking command of the Continental Army on Cambridge Common in July of 1775, under what would come to be known as the Washington Elm. Although we now know that this tale…

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Cambridge Center for Adult Education

Cambridge Center for Adult Education is a non-profit organization providing a wide range of high-quality, low-cost educational experiences in Cambridge, Boston, and surrounding area since 1870. Contact CCAE via email or at 617-547-6789

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1986 Neighborhood Trivia Hunt

Cambridge Trivia Hunt

Cambridge has certainly changed over time, and our 1986 trivia hunt shows just how true that is. It serves as a kind of time capsule of our city. Take a trip back in time with this self-guided tour to see how many of these sites are still around. Which ones do you recognize? Which ones…

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