Watershed: An Excursion in Four Parts

Small pond on a grey day surrounded by autumn trees.

by Emily HiestandFirst published by The Georgia Review and Beacon Press in 1998. Updated slightly in 2021 for publication in This Impermanent Earth, and in 2024 for History Cambridge. Part One | Street Like travelers who want to keep some favorite place from being overly discovered, the residents of our neighborhood sometimes confide to one another in a near-whisper, “There’s no…

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Major General Daniel Gookin

by Rev. Warner Foote Gookin, 1912 Three hundred years ago, at a date still undetermined, one of the great men of Cambridge was born in England, – one who was great enough, at least, to deserve this passing tribute, the only recognition, I believe, to be given him in the tercentenary of his birth. It…

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