History @ Home

Women celebrating passage of the 19th Amendment by waving flags and blowing horns.
Carrie Chapman Catt albums, Special Collections Department, Bryn Mawr College Library

There are so many great digital resources for adults, teens, and children to use at home! We have gathered a number of excellent online sites to help you and your family learn about a wide variety of historical topics.

Digital History Resources:

  • Smithsonian Institution: Smithsonian’s online collections related to women’s history includes sections on activism, education, health, science and labor. The newly-released Smithsonian Open Access database gives visitors access to images of nearly 3 million documents and objects from the Institution’s holdings, including collections specific to women’s history.
  • National Archives: Contains a vast database of articles, images, and primary sources for all areas of American history. For women’s history month, visitors can explore online exhibit about women’s rights, and the journey to the 19th Amendment.