Commemoration Part 2

How Does Cambridge Commemorate? Part 2

Thu January 1, 1970

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On August 17, CHS held a Virtual History Café exploring monuments and memorials in Cambridge. In this program, “How Does Cambridge Commemorate?” we examined several of the city’s most prominent public monuments, and we were joined by Kim and Sofia Bernstein, honorary members of the Cambridge Nineteenth Amendment Centennial Committee who provided the impetus for the city to create a monument to women.

As always, our discussion left much more to be explored, so on Monday, October 5 we held How Does Cambridge Commemorate? Part 2. For this program we were joined by Eric Höweler, Associate Professor of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Principal at Höweler + Yoon Architects, creators of the Sean Collier Memorial on the campus of MIT. Eric Höweler shared with us the process of designing and building a monument in Cambridge, from assembling an advisory team to incorporating symbolic design elements and materials. During this program we also invited your comments about what is missing in the memorial landscape of the city, yielding calls for monuments to women and the LGBTQ+ community in Cambridge.