9-to-5 No Longer: Cambridge Workers and the Gig Economy
We began our year of asking “Who Are Cambridge Workers?” with a look at the rise of the gig economy and its impact on Cantabrigians. On February 28, 2022, we were joined by Professor Terri Gerstein, Director of the State and Local Enforcement Project at the Harvard Law School Labor and Worklife Program, for a discussion of the shifting labor landscape and its impact on workers and companies. Who benefits from a shift to gig work, and who pays the price? Has this labor model been with us for decades or even centuries, but is now being “repackaged” to appeal to a broader workforce? What can we learn from the rise of contract work that can help us shape a more equitable future for the city?

You can view the recording of our Opening Conversation on our YouTube Channel.

This program is funded in part by Mass Humanities, which receives support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and is an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.