2021 Annual Meeting Graphic

2021 Annual Meeting

Tue March 30, 2021
12 PM

Thank you to all who attended the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

Notes of the meeting can be found here.

Cambridge Historical Society 2021 Annual Meeting

Welcome + Report From The President — Amy Devin

Treasurer’s Report — Lauren Harder

Secretary’s Report and Vote on Bylaws
Updates and Amendments — Doug Brown

Vote on 2021 Slate of Officers and Directors — Doug Brown 

Thank you + Adjournment — Amy Devin


Proposed Updates (broad)

  • Replace “Councilor” with the more common term “Board Member” or “Director;” change from being a Governing Council to a Board of Directors
  • Rebrand from “Cambridge Historical Society” to doing business as “History Cambridge”
  • Replace word “Society” with “Organization” 
  • Clarify what “member” means in individual contexts
  • Copy edit entire document for readability

Proposed Updates (specific)

  • Update Organizational Purpose with new mission statement, remaining in line with original Articles of Incorporation
  • Remove reference to the Seal of the Organization (Bylaws are a governance document, and the seal is unrelated to governance)
  • Redefine membership. In accordance with the new strategic plan, membership needs to be as open and inclusive as possible. A “member” is more broadly defined as a person who wishes to form a relationship with the organization, and isn’t contingent on paying money. 
  • Transfer voting power from members to Board of Directors
  • Remove reference to William and Frances White Emerson Scholars (Bylaws are a governance document, and the Scholars are unrelated to governance)
  • Rename “Secretary” to “Clerk”
  • Update number of board members to not to exceed fifteen (15) people and reference Mass. Gen. Laws Chapter 180 and Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Clarify filling a vacancy resulting from resignation or removal of an Officer or Director
  • Clarify how an Officer may resign from Officer position without resigning from the Board of Directors
  • Clarify roles of Vice President(s), Clerk, and Treasurer; remove Editor and Curator positions to streamline governance structure
  • Clarify language allowing for virtual meetings
  • Streamline roles and responsibilities of committees
  • Strengthen protections in Indemnification clause