The Tasty Sandwich Shop

Street level store fronts of two businesses. Sign above large window reads, The "Tasty". Next striped awning reads delicatessen
Photo courtesy of Stephen Nicolls

Compiled by Deb Mandel, 2022


1916 – 1997


2a JFK St., Harvard Square


The 24-hour/day Tasty Sandwich Shop, a beloved character in the heart of Harvard Square, was located in the demolished Read Block building, former site of Colonial poet Anne Bradstreet’s home. The Tasty was a no-frills, 300 square foot, 12-seat diner, where in 1996 one could order two eggs, fries, and white toast for $2.75. Seating was old fashioned counter-and-stool design, centered around the tiny “kitchen” manned by one sardonic/charming cook. This was a place you may have found yourself at any given hour engaging in conversation with people from all walks of life.

Black and white photo of a man with short hair and classes behind a counter serving food to a customer. A menu is displayed on the wall above him.
Eric Barce, one of Tasty Diner’s cooks, 1982. Photo by Ilene Perlman. Faxon, Tom. “It’s Just Another Night at the Tasty Diner.” The Cambridge Chronicle, 15 April 1982, p.1.

The restaurant was enshrined in pop culture as well. In the 1997 movie “Good Will Hunting,” Will (played by Matt Damon) took Skylar (played by Minnie Driver) to the Tasty.

The Tasty closed in 1997 as a result of a major restoration to the building, instigated by Cambridge Savings Bank. The controversy around the closing was documented in Frederico Muchnik’s short film, “Touching History; Harvard Square, The Bank and The Tasty Diner.”

Its passing, and the culture it supported, is still lamented by many.



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