Fall Conversation 2022: How Does Cambridge Unionize?

MIT Grad Students

The final program in our year of asking “Who Are Cambridge Workers?” will focus on labor organizing in Cambridge, both past and present. How do Cantabrigians see themselves as workers? How is their identity linked to their work? Do they see themselves as part of a local workers’ community, or do they identify with their profession across geographical boundaries? How has the pandemic and the shift (for some) to remote work affected this sense of community and identity? We will be joined by representatives from the MIT Graduate Students’ Union, the Cambridge Teachers’ Union, and the 1369 Coffeehouse Workers’ Union to hear about their current organizing efforts and the future of unionization in Cambridge and beyond.

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In identifying ways to improve neighborhoods, one lesson is: Students must get out and explore

A student in the Cambridge Harvard Summer Academy works with student teachers on a proposal for neighborhood improvements.

Rising seniors in the Cambridge Harvard Summer Academy were hard at work assuming the role of activists this summer in their English class. Students were tasked to identify, investigate, analyze and evaluate a single problem or issue they identify in their neighborhood. From there, they developed a small, feasible solution that they submitted through the Cambridge participatory budget submission portal, which was open through Sunday.

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