Self-Guided Tour: Women Activists of Riverside 50 Years After Suffrage

Stop 1: Begin the tour in Central Square With the passage of the 19th Amendment one hundred years ago this past August (2020), American women won the right to vote. Rather than a culmination, this event marked the beginning of a long fight for equal treatment and equity that is still far from over. Fifty years after suffrage, classified ads … Read More

Riverside’s Neighborhood Resource at 80

By Daphne Abeel, 2010 From the outside, the red clapboard building that houses the Cambridge Community Center (CCC) at 5 Callender Street in the Riverside neighborhood is deceptive. Few would guess that it is big enough to contain a full-size basketball court as well as a large first-floor art gallery and spacious, well-lit classrooms on the second floor. The CCC … Read More

Riverside: A Rowing Club for Workers

By Richard Garver, 2011 Riverside Boat Club was founded in 1869 as a trade-based rowing club by workers, predominantly Irish, from The Riverside Press, which was located between River Street and Western Avenue. Its first boathouse was a disused press building. Rowing was one of America’s most popular sports at the time. Boston’s July 4 regatta in 1869 attracted 40,000 … Read More