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Meet Your New-Old Friend: History Cambridge

Big changes are here. So big that you’ll begin to see us in a whole new light, starting with the most fundamental of things: Our name. You’ve been watching our transformation for a while now. Now we have a new name and image that showcases our innovative mindset.

Meet your new-old friend: History Cambridge.

We’re still here to explore local history with you, just like always. So what’s different? We recognize that, just as every person who lives in Cambridge knows something about its history, everyone in Cambridge is a steward of Cambridge history. In other words, we believe that we are all caretakers of our city and its history. History Cambridge works with you—Cambridge individuals and organizations—to fill gaps in the historical record, looking out for forgotten stories, untold chapters, unshared knowledge, and silenced voices. We are working to open the historical record to those who have not always been invited to participate. We’re here for the history enthusiasts and history explorers. We are listening to Cambridge and helping Cambridge listen to itself.

Our programs are meant to do more than elevate history; they’re designed to be collaborative and inclusive learning partnerships. We invite you to join our History Cafés and take part in compelling discussions about Cambridge history with local experts on a wide range of topics. Or to contribute your knowledge and questions to our History Hive, our crowdsourcing platform. Look for us this summer at Starlight Square, when we invite Cambridge to share its own love letters. There’s so much to explore, and we’re so excited for you to join us. Come make history with us.

Learn more about History Cambridge and our efforts to approach history in a whole new way.