The Harvard Square Defense Fund Records, 1979−2007

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Extent: 20 cartons
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Processors: Andrew Pennison, Spring 2017

Acquisition: The Harvard Square Defense Fund Records were donated by Jinny Nathans in 2011.

Access: Access to the financial records of the Harvard Square Defense Fund is restricted.

Permissions: Requests for permission to publish from the collection should be made to the Executive Director of the Cambridge Historical Society. Additionally, Quotations of 251 words or more may be made only with the prior written permission of Jinny Nathans (President, HSDF).

Copyright: The Cambridge Historical Society holds the copyright on the materials in the collection.

Historical Sketch

“… part of Harvard Square’s distinctive character is that the area is over 350 years old, and part of it is that Harvard University is in the middle of the Square, but part of it is also because people worked hard to keep it that way. That was the Harvard Square Defense Fund.” – Jinny Nathans

The Harvard Square Defense Fund (HSDF), incorporated in 1979, “began in response to a 1972 proposal to construct the JFK Presidential Library and Museum on the Charles River, where the JFK Memorial Park is located today.” Although the objections to the project were successful in halting it, the event inspired civic organization. The group of citizens who had protested the project realized there was no one to protect the neighborhood, hired a lawyer, and incorporated the Harvard Square Defense Fund to prevent the further environmental and ecological deterioration of the Harvard Square area.

One of those citizens was Gladys “Pebble” Gifford, a Cambridge area Real Estate Agent, who was active with the Harvard Square Defense Fund since its founding in 1979. She served as the president of HSDF at several different times, including a long stretch in the 1990s, and was an integral part of the organization even at times when she was not president. She was often interviewed as a public face for the organization and her quotes represent HSDF in several news articles.

Since its inception, the HSDF has had a broad impact on the development of Harvard Square. Just a few examples of its success include the implementation of a liquor license cap for Harvard Square, the saving and restoration of the Tweeter House, the successful barring of Duck boat tours from already congested neighborhood streets, and the prevention of a plan to demolish the Read Block at the corner of JFK Street and Massachusetts Avenue by the Cambridge Savings Bank through political pressure that prompted the Cambridge Historical Commission to prevent any changes to the facade in 1996.

The efforts of HSDF also included resistance against the addition of Fast food and other chains into Harvard Square as the HSDF sought to protect local businesses. One such conflict occurred in 1992 when a Dunkin Donuts attempted to open in Harvard Square. This resistance represents a major component of HSDF’s activities and often complimented the larger attempts to save buildings in Harvard Square.

Far from an insular organization, the HSDF has worked closely with other neighborhood organizations concerned with the responsible development of Harvard Square over the years. These include the Harvard Square Advisory Committee, which plays a substantial role in vetting new projects and businesses in need of zoning exceptions in order to come into the area, the Harvard Square Redesign Committee, the Neighborhood Ten Association, and the Harvard Square Conservation District, which oversees new construction projects in the Square.

The Harvard Square Defense Fund was active until around 2007, when its activities ceased, although there are currently attempts to reform it.


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Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of 20 boxes of various materials relating to the activities and operation of the Harvard Square Defense Fund. The materials relate to the various types of activism in which the Harvard Square Defense Fund engaged in, in order to achieve their goal to preserve their vision of Harvard Square, which included local businesses, smaller historic buildings, and an all ages atmosphere. Included are legal documents, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, and published promotional materials.

  • Series I:
    This series contains records pertaining to the direct operation of HSDF including meeting minutes, mailings sent out by the group such as newsletters, informational pamphlets about the group, and articles about the group. This Series also includes the financial information related to the operation of the HSDF such as bills and tax filings, but these are currently restricted. Also included are documents related to Organizations the HSDF worked with or was a part of such as the Harvard Square Advisory Committee and the Harvard Square Business Association.
  • Series II: This series contains documents related to the HSDF’s public activism including a large amount of meeting minutes and notes from the licensing board meetings, which HSDF attended, as well as copies of letters that were sent to the board, and companies, detailing their viewpoints. This activism fell into four distinct categories.
    • Subseries I:
      This subseries contains documents related to resistance to fast food development in Harvard Square, the files related to this subject include research that HSDF assembled on the companies including pictures that were taken of the site showing trash, and other side effects that HSDF wished to highlight. Files of this type are present from the 1980s to the 2000s, although the most complete coverage of new fast food is in the 1990s.
    • Subseries II: This subseries contains documents relating to a fight against the expansion of liquor licenses in the Harvard Square area. There are large amounts of correspondence and minutes from license meetings corresponding to this topic. There are also documents specifically dealing with the cap on liquor licenses, as well as policy allowing for alcohol to be served on patios.
    • Subseries III: This subseries contains documents which relate to resistance against new development deemed inappropriate by the Harvard Square Defense Fund, which includes correspondence and meeting minutes, as well as many documents which fall into the legal document category. This section also contains documents pertaining to complaints and hearings regarding MBTA construction.
    • Subseries IV: This subseries contains documents related to resistance against duck boat and bus tours, of which there is correspondence, pictures taken by the HSDF, and documents released by the city relating to these tours.
    • Subseries V: This subseries contains documents related to zoning and regulations, which includes documents related to general zoning changes as well as environmental regulations. It also includes documents regarding general regulation changes, such as parking restrictions and size limitations on trucks. Lastly, this category includes documents related to the Historic Register, and landmark designations, as these are a form of zoning that limits construction.
  • Series III: This series contains documents pertaining to the legal action that the HSDF was involved in, including lawsuits to prevent development, as well as one lawsuit taken against HSDF due to their activism against a development. The documents include correspondence with lawyers, copies of relevant laws, copies of the case documents, and statements made by members of the HSDF.
  • Series IV: This series contains financial documents related to the operation of the Harvard Square Defense Fund and is restricted.

Library of Congress Subject Headings
Business enterprises – Massachusetts – Cambridge
Cambridge (Mass.) – Politics and Government
City planning – Massachusetts – Cambridge
Community activists—Massachusetts—Cambridge
Harvard Square (Cambridge, Mass.)
Historic Sites – Massachusetts – Cambridge
Housing development – Massachusetts – Cambridge

Series Descriptions and Folder Listings

Series I: Organizational Documents
Contains material related to the direct operation of the Harvard Square Defense Fund.

Box 1: HSDF Box 1, (Organizational Documents)

Number|Folder Title
1.1|HSDF Letter Recommending Richard Scali as City Employee of Year, 1998
1.2|Minutes and Meetings, 2001
1.3|Harvard Square Business Association, 1984-1989
1.4|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1992
1.5|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1991
1.6|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1990
1.7|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1989
1.8|Harvard University Advisory Committee, 1988
1.9|Harvard University Advisory Committee, 1987
1.10|Harvard University Community Advisory Committee, 1986
1.11|Harvard University Community Advisory Board, 1985
1.12|Neighborhood 10, 1976
1.13-1.14|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1986-1988
1.15-1.17|Photos and Other Materials, n.d.
1.18|HSDF Correspondence, 1990-1999
1.19|HSDF Correspondence Misc. thru ’92 1983-1992
1.20|Conflict of Interest, 1987-1988
1.21|Contributions 1992 –>,1992-1997
1.22|Contributions 1988 –>,1988-1992
1.23|HSDF Contributors List, 1980-1991
1.24|List of Directors, 1984-1989
1.25|List of Directors, 1990-1999
1.26|Recruitment, 1979-1989
1.27|Letters of Resignation, 1981-1995
1.28|Obituaries, 1989-1992
1.29|Dick Shain: Memos, 1997-1998
1.30|Allison Penny, 1998
1.31|Staff Person Search, 1997
1.32|Lawyers, 1990
1.33|Staff Administration, 1983
1.34|Fundraising Strategies, 1999
1.35|Special Fall Appeal, 1997
1.36|Fundraising Letter, 1994
1.37|Prospect DB Banker and Tradesman, 2000
1.38|Annual Appeal – Printing and Procedure, 1983-1990
1.39|Annual Appeal, 1993
1.40|Fundraising Letter, 1992
1.41|Annual Appeal Letter, 1988
1.42|Annual Appeal Letter, 1987
1.43|Drafts: Annual Appeal Letter Samples and General Info, 1984-1990

Box 2: HSDF Box 2, (Organizational Documents)

Number|Folder Title
2.1|Development Committee (Chair: Linda Harris),1999
2.2|Potential Board Member Committee,1983-1987
2.3|Committees, 1983
2.4|HSDF 20th Anniversary, 1999
2.5|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1991
2.6|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1990
2.7|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1989
2.8|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1988
2.9|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1987
2.10|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1986
2.11|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1985
2.12|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1979-1984
2.13|HSDF Board Meetings, 1990
2.14|HSDF Board Meetings, 1989
2.15|HSDF Board Meetings, 1988
2.16|HSDF Board Meetings, 1987
2.17|HSDF Board Meetings, 1986
2.18|HSDF Board Meetings, 1985
2.19|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 2000
2.20|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1999
2.21|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1998
2.22|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1997
2.23|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1996
2.24|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1995
2.25|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1994
2.26|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1993
2.27|HSDF Minutes/Agendas, 1992
2.28|Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods, n.d.
2.29|Cambridge Historical Commission Membership, 1996
2.30|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1999
2.31|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1998
2.32|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1997
2.33-2.34|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1993
2.35|HSDF Web Page, 1998-1999
2.36|Newsletters, 1989
2.37|Newsletters, 1990
2.38|Newsletters, 1991
2.39|Newsletter Photographs, 1991
2.40|Newsletters, 1992
2.41|Newsletters, 1993
2.42|Newsletters, 1994
2.43|Newsletters, 1995
2.44|Newsletters, 1996
2.45|Newsletters, 1998
2.46|Newsletters, 1999
2.47|Newsletters, 2000
2.48|Newsletters, 2001
2.49|Newsletters, 2002
2.50|Newsletters, 2003
2.51|Newsletters/Annual Appeals, 1979-1989
2.52|Extra Copies of Newsletters, 1979-1990
2.53|Board Contact List, 2002
2.54|Agendas, 2002-2003
2.55|Annual Meeting, 2003
2.56|HSDF Brochure, n.d.
2.57|Clippings, 2003
2.58|Newspaper Boxes, 2003
2.59|HSDF, 2003
2.60|Winter Newsletter Mailings, 2003
2.61|Newsletters, 2001-2003
2.62|Miscellaneous, 2003
2.63|Database of Names, 2002
2.64|HSDF Miscellaneous, 2006
2.65|Harvard Neighborhood Joint Committee, 2000-2004
2.66|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 2002-2007
2.67|Minutes and Agendas, 2002-2003
2.68|Fundraising – Matching R. Flemming, 2003
2.69|Meeting at Charles Hotel, 2007
2.70|HSDF Newsletter, 2006

Box 3: HSDF Box 3, (Organizational Documents)

Number|Folder Title
3.1|HSDF. April 3 Board MTG, 2007
3.2|[HSBA Nomination Process], 2006
3.3|[Understanding Your Taxes], 2006
3.4|[Cam Neely email], 2006
3.5|Bracken legal fee], 2006
3.6|[Fax Cover Sheets], 2006
3.7|[List of Neighborhood Associations], 2006
3.8|[Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods], 2006
3.9|HSDF Retreat: January, 2000
3.10|HSDF Harvard Joint Neighborhood Committee, 2001
3.11|HSDF Minutes and Agendas, 2000
3.12-3.13|HSDF Annual Meeting, 2000
3.14|HSDF Reference Materials, 2001
3.15|HSDF Clippings, 2000
3.16|HSDF Fall Newsletter, 2000
3.17|[HSBA Annual Meeting], 2004
3.18|[Thomas Bracken legal correspondence], 2004
3.19|[E-mail from Sarah Landis concerning Kinkos bill], 2004
3.20|Website, 1998
3.21|Annual Meeting, 1999
3.22|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1997
3.23|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1991
3.24|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1993
3.25|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1992
3.26|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1990
3.27|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1989
3.28|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1988
3.29|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1987
3.30|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1986
3.31|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1985
3.32|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1984
3.33|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1983
3.34|Annual Reports, 1979-1986
3.35|Devoto Award, 1992
3.36|Boulston Award, 1999
3.37|Articles of Organization, 1979
3.38|HSBA, 2002-2004
3.39|Neighborhood Forum, 2002
3.40|Other Newsletters, 2002-2003
3.41|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 2002-2003
3.42|Joint Neighborhood Committee, 2003
3.43|Joint Neighborhood Committee, 2002
3.44|[HSDF Agendas], 2002-2003
3.45|Board Meeting Update, 2008
3.46|Memo on Director Indemnification, 1995
3.47|Annual Meeting, 1995
3.48|HSDF Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Directors, 1995
3.49|Harvard Square Business Association Newsletter, 1995-1996
3.50|HSDF Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Directors, 1996
3.51|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1996
3.52|Joint Committee for Harvard University and Neighborhood, 1996
3.53|Newspaper Clippings, 1979
3.54|Newspaper Clippings, 1983
3.55|Newspaper Clippings, 1984
3.56|Newspaper Clippings, 1985
3.57|Newspaper Clippings, 1986
3.58|Newspaper Clippings, 1987
3.59|Newspaper Clippings, 1988
3.60|Newspaper Clippings, 1989
3.61|Newspaper Clippings, 1990
3.62|Newspaper Clippings, 1991
3.63|Newspaper Clippings, 1992
3.64|Newspaper Clippings, 1993
3.65|HSDF Globe Article, 1994
3.66|Newspaper Clippings, 1994
3.67|Newspaper Clippings, 1995
3.68|Newspaper Clippings, 1996
3.69|Newspaper Clippings, 1997-1998
3.70|Newspaper Clippings, 1999
3.71|Newspaper Clippings, 2000
3.72|[Misc], N. D.
3.73|HSDF – Committees (assignments), 1994
3.74|HSDF – Directors, 1994
3.75|Foundations & Grants, 1991
3.76|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1994
3.77|HSDF Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Directors, 1994
3.78|Neighborhood 10, 1993
3.79|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1994
3.80|Globe Correction to 10/9/1994 to HSDF, 1994
3.81|Joint Committee for Neighborhood Harvard Consultation, 1998
3.82|Directory of Boards, 1998
3.83|HSDF Journals, 1998
3.84|[Gifford’s resignation from consultant duties], 1987

Box 4: HSDF Box 4, (Organizational Documents)

Number|Folder Title
4.1|Corporate – Correspondence, 1993
4.2|[Notes on Meeting with Mayor Ken Reeves], 1993
4.3|Sample Newsletters, 1997
4.4|Sample Newsletters, 1995
4.5|Sample Newsletters, 1998
4.6|HSBA, 1998
4.7|On the Rise Homeless Women Mary Sheperd, 1998
4.8|ACE Alternatives for committee And envir., 1998
4.9|Friends of Harvard Square, 1998
4.10|[HSDF Brochure], n.d.
4.11|[Catering Order for 2002 Annual meeting], 2002
4.12-4.13|[Annual Meeting Attendance], 1997
4.14|[Harvard Crimson], 2000
4.15|[HSDF Board Meeting December 15] , 2000
4.16|[HSDF Meetings], 2000
4.17|HSDF Fall 2000 Newsletter, 2000
4.18|[Clippings related to Harvard Square], 2000
4.19|[HSDF Correspondence from Dick Shain], 2000
4.20|[HSDF Board Meeting Materials], 2000
4.21|[HSDF Correspondence], 2000
4.22|[HSDF correspondence], 2000
4.23|HSDF Brochures, 1993-2000
4.24|Harvard Square Defense Fund, 2000-2001
4.25|Harvard Square Defense Fund, 2002
4.26|Harvard Square Defense Fund, 2003-2004
4.27|HSDF Annual Meeting, 1996
4.28|HSDF Board Meeting Agendas Minutes Directors, 1996

Series II: Public Activism
Contains meeting minutes, flyers, and other material related to the HSDF’s public activism in various areas.

Subseries I: Activism Against Fast Food
Contains meeting minutes, research files, and other materials related to HSDF’s resistance to Fast Food in Harvard Square.

Box 4: HSDF Box 4 (Activism Against Fast Food)

Number|Folder Title
4.29|MBTA: Dunkin Donuts, 1998
4.30|HSDF – 2001, 2001
4.31-4.32|Fast Order Food – Dunkin Donuts, 1996-2008
4.33-4.34|Dunkin Donuts – Administrative Proceedings, 1990-1993
4.35-4.36|Trinity Realty v. HSDF Pleadings, 1990-1993
4.37|Dunkin Donuts – Correspondence/Clippings, 1975-1994
4.38|Dunkin Donuts – A Dow Trust, 1992-1993
4.39|Trinity Realty v. Miller, 1994
4.40|Dunkin Donuts – Maps, n.d.
4.41|33 Church St. – Tasti D’Light, 2005
4.42|Change in Signage – Dunkin Donuts, 2006
4.43|One Brattle Square Sarku application for fast food permit, 2007
4.44|Sarku FAST FOOD Permit, 2007
4.45|Upper Crust FAST FOOD, 2007
4.46|Boston Chicken, 1990
4.47|Coffee Café, 1993
4.48|Creperie L’amour, 1998
4.49|Dunkin Donuts in MBTA Station, 1998
4.50-4.51|Dunkin Donuts 1105 Mass Ave FAST FOOD Permit, 1998
4.52|Dunkin Donuts 1105 Mass Ave FAST FOOD Permit- Photographs, 1998
4.53|Dunkin Donuts 85 Mt Auburn St, 1992
4.54|Dunkin Donuts Appeal and BZA Decision, 1992
4.55|Dunkin Donuts Application for FAST FOOD Permits, 1994
4.56|Dunkin Donuts Appeal of BZA Decision, 1994

Box 5: HSDF Box 5 (Activism Against Fast Food)

Number|Folder Title
5.1-5.3|Dunkin Donuts Appeal of BZA Dec, 1993
5.4|Dunkin Donuts- 655 FK St, 1998
5.5|D.D. Trial, 1974-1975
5.6|Mcdonalds, 1991-1994
5.7|Marakech Café, 1992
5.8|Friday’s, 1992
5.9|Cambridge Fast Food Ordinance, 1979-1998
5.10|East Coast Expresso, 1993
5.11|[Unique Pizza Menu], n.d.
5.12|Dunkin Donuts, 2006
5.13|[Wagamama Plans], 2006
5.14|[Cambridge Historical Commission Meeting July 30], 2006
5.15|[annotated Fast food law], 2006
5.16|[Correspondence related to Wagamama], 2006
5.17|[IHOP awning plans], 2006
5.18|[Annotated copy of Fast Food Law], 2004
5.19|Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, 2003
5.20|Panda Express 65 JFK Street, 1995
5.21|Fast Food Ordinance of Bedford, NY, 1996
5.22|FAST FOOD California Burrito, 1994
5.23|[Ben & Jerry’s], 1999
5.24|[Panda Express], 1994
5.25|Finagle a Bagel #1, 1999
5.26|Finagle a Bagel #2, 1999
5.27|Johnny Rockets, 1994
5.28|Peet’s Coffee, 1999
5.29|Tasty, 1998
5.30|Dunkin Donuts Proposal at Eliot and JFK Streets, 1995
5.31|Dunkin Donuts – Bersani Appeal, 1997
5.32|Dunkin Donuts – 65 JFK St John DiGiovanni – FAST FOOD Permit, 1996
5.33|Starbucks Appeal Church Street (File #3) – FAST FOOD Permit, 1997
5.34|Starbucks Appeal (File #2) – Motion for Summary Judgement, 1996
5.35|Starbucks: BZA Hearing (File #1), 1996
5.36|Au Bon Pain Patio Holyoke Center, 1986
5.37|High Rise Bread Co,1996

Subseries II: Activism Against New Liquor Licenses
Contains meeting minutes, research files, newspaper clippings, and other materials related to HSDF’s resistance to the Expansion of Liquor Licenses in Harvard Square.

Box 5: HSDF Box 5 (Activism Against New Liquor Licenses)

Number|Folder Title
5.38|Charles Square – LSF – License Commission, 2003-2004
5.39-5.40|Cambridge License Commission – Patio Policy, 1991-2006
5.41|Liquor Licenses – General Rules, 1979-2006
5.42|License Committee – Applications for Licenses, 2005-2006
5.43|License Committee – Statute Misc. Matters, 1985-1997
5.44-5.45|Cambridge License Commission, 2005-2006
5.46|Om Restaurant Application for Transfer of TGI Friday’s, 2003-2005
5.47|Grafton St. Liquor License Cap, 2003
5.48|License Commission – 2am Closing, 1998
5.49|Cambridge Liquor Licenses Issued, 1979-1985
5.50|Liquor License Regulations – Harvard Square, 1979-1994
5.51|Liquor Licenses, 2001
5.52|Alex Rodriguez Appointment to Chair License Commission, 1998
5.53|License Commission, 1998
5.54|Licensing Board Hearings, 1982-1987
5.55|License Commission, 1999
5.56|Crimson Sports Bar, 1992
5.57|Liquor Licenses, 1980s

Box 6: HSDF Box 6 (Activism Against New Liquor Licenses)

Number|Folder Title
6.1|Gifford et al v. R. Scali File #3, 2006
6.2|GPG et al v. Richard Scali File #2, 2006
6.3|HSDF Lawsuit File #1, 2006
6.4|Request for Public Records, 2006
6.5|New CAP Policy, 2006
6.6|Map of Harvard Square CAP area, 2006
6.7|Liquor Licenses Issued as of 8/06, 2006
6.8|Forbes Magazine America’s Dumbest Cities, 2006
6.9|2nd CAP Policy Hearing, 2006
6.10|1st CAP Policy Hearing, 2006
6.11|CAP Policy Hearings- Emails, 2006
6.12|Carl Barron Letter, 2006
6.13|Paul OverGaag’s Letter to License Commissioner, 2006
6.14|Mid Cambridge CAP Policy, 2006
6.15|Banked Seats Policy, 2006
6.16|CAP Policy 1990-1993, 1990-1993
6.17|Clippings-Liquor licenses 1980s, 1982-1993
6.18|CC Revokes Quota, 1983-1991
6.19|Liquor Licenses Beacon Hill, 1993
6.20|ABCC HSDF, 2006
6.21|License Committee Rules and Regulations as amended 11/97, 1997
6.22|MGL ch 138- Alcoholic Licenses, 1965-2000
6.23|City Council Hearings on Cap, 2007
6.24|HSDF City Council’s Actions on Liquor Licenses, 2006
6.25|Patio Policy, 2006
6.26|Pedestrians/ Sidewalks, 2006
6.27|Patio Policy Clippings, 2006
6.28|HSDF Penciled Notes, 2006
6.29|HSDF Hearings and Agendas, 2006-2007
6.30|Camb Prevention Coalition, 2003-2004
6.31|Law Cases Liquor License, 1996-2006
6.32|P. G. Letters to License Commission (HSDF), 2006
6.33|MADD and ADA HSDF, 2005-2006
6.34|[Extensions and New Liquor Licenses], 2007
6.35|[New Restaurant Permit Hearings], 2007
6.36|[Comments on 2006 Cap amendments], 2007
6.37|[Map of Cap Zone 1], 2006
6.38|ABCC Rule Book The Quota System, 2004
6.39|Alcohol Cap and Economic Devel. Task Force, 2007
6.40|Douglas Meyers Emails, 2007
6.41|LC Rules and Regulations Amendment to Cap Policy, 2006
6.42|[Pebble Gifford on Loosening the cap], 2007
6.43-6.44|Liquor Licenses Press Articles, 2003-2007
6.45|[License Commission Hearings], 2006
6.46|[Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Association Meeting], 2006
6.47|[HSDF Memo], 2005
6.48|[Cambridge License Commission], 2006
6.49|[Liquor Law], 2006
6.50|[Paul Overgang correspondence related to Cap Policy, 2006
6.51|[Cambridge License Hearing September 26], 2006
6.52|[Cambridge License proceedings], 2006
6.53|[Cambridge License Hearing announcement] August 29, 2006
6.54|[License Hearing Announcement] September 13, 2006
6.55|[License Commission Alcohol rules], 2001
6.56|[License Commission Patio Policy], 2006
6.57|[License Committee decisions], 2006
6.58|[ACN Agenda July 19], 2006
6.59|[License Commission hearing notice], 2006
6.60|[License Commission meetings], 2006
6.61|[Fax from Pebble Gifford to Jinny Nathans], 2006
6.62|[Fax from Pebble Gifford to Jinny Nathans, Regarding Press Contacts], 2006
6.63|[License Commission Meeting July 25], 2006
6.64|[Memo Announcing Patio Policy], 2006
6.65|[Wagamama], 2006
6.66|[License Commission Meeting November 23], 2004
6.67|[License Commission Meeting October 7], 2004
6.68|[License Commission Meeting October 26], 2004
6.69|[License Commission Meeting October 12], 2004
6.70|[License Commission Meeting November 9], 2004
6.71|[2 am licenses], 2004
6.72|[License Commission Meetings], 2004
6.73|License Commission, 2003
6.74-6.76|Boat House, 1988-1991
6.77|Bow & Arrow, 1997-1998
6.78|License Committee Border Café Re: UH Lease, 1998
6.79|License Committee Brew Moon Application to go from W and M to AA License, 1998
6.80|Liquor License Café of India, 1991-1992
6.81|License Committee Charlies app for st. Tables, 1998
6.82|Chef Chow’s, 1993-1994
6.83|Friday’s, 1998
6.84|House of Blues, 1993

Box 7: HSDF Box 7 (Activism Against New Liquor Licenses)

Number|Folder Title
7.1|HSDF License Committee Pomme Frite, 1994
7.2-7.3|Ruggles, 1983-1986
7.4|Shilla Restaurant, 1986
7.5|Skipjacks, 1992
7.6|Spaghetti Club, 1997-1998
7.7|HSDF – Fridays – The Amer. Bar Appeal To ABCC, 1998
7.8|Wursthaus, 1985
7.9|Young and Yee, 1985
7.10|New Year Eve Closing Time, 1992
7.11|The Harvard Sports Club – Disciplinary Hearing, 1991
7.12|[Liquor Committee License], 1989-1990
7.13|[Various Liquor License Applications], 1991-1993
7.14|Liquor License, 2000
7.15|[Class 2 Pouring License], 1995
7.16|Capacity Increase and liquor Licenses, 1989
7.17|[Letter from Gifford to the mayor regarding new License Committee Chairman], 1994
7.18|Liquor License Boathouse – License Term, 1994
7.19|Club Passim, 1995
7.20|License Committee Memos on Poker and Keno, 1991
7.21|Spaghetti Club, 1994
7.22|Liquor License Spaghetti Club, 1994
7.23|Spaghetti Club (Same owners as Boat Club), 1993
7.24|House of Blues, 1995
7.25|[Letter to concerned citizens regarding Oxford Ale House], 1979
7.26|License Commission Hearing on policies, 1991
7.27|[Letter concerning Marino restaurant], 1993
7.28|[Correspondence Regarding Border Café], 1997
7.29|License Committee Hong Kong Disciplinary Hearing, 1997
7.30|License Committee News Articles, 1994-1996
7.31|License Committee – HSDF – Miscellaneous Cases, 1998
7.32|Liquor License – Misc., 1997
7.33|Liquor License Toscano Beacon Hill, 1995-1996
7.34|HSDF Sandine’s Bistro (8 Holyoke St), 1996
7.35|Café of India Expansion 52B Brattle St, 1996
7.36|License Committee Spaghetti Club (closed, building torn down), 1997
7.37|HSDF Spaghetti Club Disciplinary Hearing – License Committee, 1997
7.38|HSDF Spaghetti Club License Committee Disciplinary Hearing, 1996
7.39|HSDF Spaghetti Club, 1994-1995
7.40|Spaghetti Club ABCC Appeal, 1995
7.41|Border Café Appeal ABCC, 1997
7.42|HSDF Border Café Disciplinary Hearing – License Committee, 1996-1997
7.43|Border Café, 1995
7.44|[Hearing for 5 Bennet Street], 2000
7.45|[Forward of letter from Laurence H. Tribe], 2000
7.46|Toscano Rest. Beacon Hill, 1995
7.47|[License Committee Meeting], 1988
7.48|The Border Café, 1994
7.49|Liquor License – Border Café Disciplinary Hearing, 1993
7.50|Liquor License – Border Café, 1991
7.51|Liquor License – Border Café, 1991
7.52|Liquor License – Crimson Sports Bar Disciplinary Hearing, 1997
7.53|Crimson Sports Grill, 1996
7.54|Crimson Sports Grill, 1995
7.55|Cybersmith Transfer of Wursthaus License, 1997
7.56|Cybersmith Church Street re Transfer of Liquor License, 1996
7.57|Brew Moon 50 Church Street, 1995

Subseries III: Activism Against New Development
Contains meeting minutes, research files, newspaper clippings, and other materials related to HSDF’s resistance to developments which they felt did not fit in Harvard Square.

Box 7: HSDF Box 7 (Activism Against New Development)

Number|Folder Title
7.58|Charles Square – Courtyard, 2002-2003
7.59|90 Mt. Auburn Street Development, 2001
7.60-7.61|Post Office Building – Air Quality, 1998-2002
7.62|Kiosk Rent, 1997
7.63|Harvard Law School Project, 2004-2007
7.64|8 Hilliard Street, 2006
7.65|Cambridge Citizens for Liveable Neighborhoods, 1991
7.66|Cambridge Citizens for Liveable Neighborhoods, 1990
7.67|Cambridge Citizens for Liveable Neighborhoods, 1989

Box 8: HSDF Box 8 (Activism Against New Development)

Number|Folder Title
8.1|Harvard Square Design Reports, 1976-1986
8.2|Harvard Square Development Report, 1984
8.3|Harvard Square Urban Ecology Study, 1974
8.4|Land Bank Policy – 25 Lowell Street, 1991
8.5|Harvard Overseers, 1988-1989
8.6|Postal Permit, 1983
8.7|Dream Machine – Garage, 1983
8.8|Hillel House – Mt. Auburn St, 1991
8.9|Hillel House – Mt. Auburn St – Photos, 1991
8.10|Parcel 1B, 1980
8.11|Post Office, 1989
8.12|11-13 Story Street, 1997
8.13|Zero Arrow St (Gundwyn), 1998
8.14|Zero Arrow St (Gundwyn), 1997
8.15-8.17|Zero Arrow St, 1997-2001
8.18|Zero Arrow St – Ordinances, 1999
8.19|Gunwyn Clippings, 1999
8.20|Zero Arrow St, 2003
8.21|90 Mt. Auburn, 2002-2003
8.22|Hasty Pudding Club Building, 2003
8.23|Charles Square, 2003
8.24|Post Office Air Quality, 2002-2003
8.25|Design Committee, 2003
8.26-8.27|Cambridge City Planning – Misc., 2003
8.28|Engines of Economic Growth, 2003
8.29|Market Theater – Zero Arrow St and 15 Mt. Auburn Street, 2003
8.30-8.31|Harvard Square Design Committee – Misc., 2002
8.32|Harvard Square Design Project, 2001
8.33|MBTA Conductor’s BLDG Development, 2003-2005
8.34|Cambridge Local First, 2005-2006
8.35|HLS Expansion, 2006
8.36|136-138 Mt. Auburn St Curb Cut, 2000
8.37|Mt. Auburn Hospital, 2005
8.38|112 Mt. Auburn St. – Conductor’s Building, 2006
8.39|IHOP Hearings/Decisions, 2007
8.40|H U Dormitory Allston, 2001
8.41|Charles Square – PUD Revisited, 2004
8.42|Harvard/ Allston – Fall ’05, 2005
8.43|90 Mt. Auburn St., 2002

Box 9: HSDF Box 9 (Activism Against New Development)

Number|Folder Title
9.1|License Commission Complaint: Red Line, 2006
9.2|University Place, 1980-1983
9.3|Cherry/Webb/Touraine, 1987
9.4|Cherry/Webb/Touraine MEPA, 1987
9.5|Cherry/Webb/Touraine Planning Board Meeting, 1987-1988
9.6|Cherry/Webb/Touraine Reports Volume I, 1987
9.7|Cherry/Webb/Touraine Reports Volume II, 1987
9.8|Cherry/Webb/Touraine Reports, 1987-1988
9.9|Harvard Motor Inn – Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1988-1991
9.10|Harvard Motor Inn – Parking Easement, 1988-1990
9.11|Harvard Motor Inn – MEPA, 1988-1990
9.12|CC Subcommittee on Economic Development Hearing Ch Decher, Toomey, Murphy, 2006
9.13|Reeves Clippings, 2006
9.14|[Zoning and Planning Board Proceedings], 2007-2008
9.15|One Brattle Square, 2006
9.16|[Harvard New Construction], 2004-2006
9.17|[Market Theater], 2002
9.18|[Market Theater Planning Board Case], 2002
9.19|[Zero Arrow Street], 2002
9.20|[Zero Arrow Street Brochure], 1998
9.21|HSDF T Elevator, 2007
9.22|Harvard Square Survey, 2007
9.23|[Cambridge Historical Commission Meeting], 2006
9.24|[Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association], 2005
9.25|[Memo from Les Barber], 2006
9.26|[Memo concerning 8 Hilliard Street], 2006
9.27|[Reminder- Harvard Square Meetings], 2006
9.28|[Physical Appearance Sub-committee, 2006
9.29|[Ten Principles for Rebuilding Neighborhood Retail], n.d.
9.30|[Downtown Idea Exchange Articles], 2005-2006
9.31|[Cambridge Historical Commission September 7], 2006
9.32|[Planning Board Meeting], 2006
9.33|[MIT will accelerate its Building Boom], 2006
9.34|[Planning Board Meeting august 15], 2006
9.35|[Les Barber memo concerning Meeting], 2006
9.36|[Cambridge Historical Commission Meeting], 2006
9.37|[Planning Board Meeting August 1], 2006
9.38|[Planning Board Meeting July 18], 2006
9.39|[Harvard Square Summary Report], 2006
9.40|[Downtown Idea Exchange Articles], 2005
9.41|[Zero Arrow Street Plans], 2002
9.42|[Harvard Square Winter Guide], 2004
9.43|[Planning Board Meeting December 21], 2004
9.44|[Harvard’s Impact on Economy], 2004
9.45|[Cambridge Historical Commission Meeting December 2], 2004
9.46|[Planning Board Meeting December 7], 2004
9.47|[Then and Now Comparison], 2004
9.48|[Planning Board Meeting November 23], 2004
9.49|[Curb cut at 6 Hilliard Street], 2004
9.50|[Harvard Square Improvements], 2004
9.51|[Harvard in the Community], 2004
9.52|[Cambridge Historical Commission Meeting November 4], 2004
9.53|[Planning Board Meeting October 19], 2004
9.54|City Clerk Meeting announcements], 2004
9.55|[Planning Board Meeting October 5], 2004
9.56|[City Clerk Meeting announcements], 2004
9.57|[Planning Board Meeting November 9], 2004
9.58|[Upper Common Neighborhood News], 2004
9.59|[New Development], 2004
9.60|[Planning Board Meeting June 15], 2004
9.61|[Planning Retail Activity], 2004
9.62|[New Urban News], 2004
9.63|[Economic Development Policy, 2004
9.64|[Cambridge Historical Commission Meetings], 2004
9.65|[Planning Board Meetings], 2004
9.66|[City Clerk Meeting announcements], 2004
9.67|[Harvard Square Design Committee], 2004
9.68|[E-mail from Follen Street Residents concerning complaints about Harvard Grad Residence], 2004
9.69|City Board “Holdovers”, 1999
9.70|Planning Board, 1998
9.71|Planning Board – Membership Change, 1998
9.72|HSDF- Swiss Alps, 1984
9.73|HSDF – Unit. Ch. Flea Market, 1984
9.74|HSDF – Wursthaus, 1983
9.75|HSDF – Schoenharts Book Store, 1983
9.76|JFK/MDC Boat Landing on Charles RV, 1988
9.77|JFK Park, 1988
9.78|Planning Board, 2002-2003
9.79|City Clerk Notices, 2003
9.80-9.81|Harvard Square Design Committee, 2003
9.82|Harvard Community Affairs, 2002-2003

Box 10: HSDF Box 10 (Activism Against New Development)

Number|Folder Title
10.1|50 Church Street, 2003
10.2|”Save Riverside” Meeting Photos (CDs), 2003
10.3|Jinny Nathan, Chronicle Interview, WCVB-TV (VHS), 2004
10.4|IPOD – January, 1995
10.5|The Union – Renovation, 1995
10.6|22-26 Garden Street Houses Demo/Arsenal Square, 1995
10.7|Harvard Square Advisory Committee, 1995
10.8|Joint Committee for Harvard University and Neighborhood Consultation, 1995
10.9|Harvard Square Business Association Market Survey, 1995
10.10|Harvard University Reorganization of HRE, 1995
10.11|Quincy Park, 1995
10.12|The Coop and Barnes & Noble, 1995
10.13|Baldini’s, 1995-1996
10.14|Harvard University Public Art at 74 Mt. Auburn Street, 1996
10.15|71 Mt. Auburn Wrap Culture – New operation at Elsie Site, 1996
10.16|Harvard RC Housing, 1996
10.17|Charles River Crossing (Sandz), 1994
10.18|Charles River Crossing (Sandz), 1993
10.19|Harvard Parking Plan, 1991-1993
10.20|Mather House Renev. By Harvard uni., 1993
10.21|HSDF – 2 Brattle Sq ( Behind Brattle Theatre), 1994
10.22|The Pit, 1994
10.23|HSDF Signage – Harvard Square, 1993
10.24|MDC Parkway Transfer, 1994
10.25|Upstairs at the Pudding, 2000
10.26|[Letter concerning 8- 18 Eliot Street], 1989
10.27|Development Plans for Harvard Square, 1988
10.28|CTCO Lease @ University Place, 1999
10.29|King of Thailand Monument, 1999
10.30|[Testimony from Cambridge Historical Commission Meeting], 1999
10.31|Holmes Trust, 1997
10.32|Cambridge Historical Commission, 1998
10.33|Growth Management, n.d.
10.34|Set Back P. B., 1998
10.35|HSDF -Cumulative Development Impacts (Well Nichols), 1988-1989
10.36|HSDF – 5/11 Letter to CC Re board appts, 1990
10.37|HSDF – Fly Club – Variance, 1991
10.38|Dewolf St. Harvard Housing, 1990
10.39|HSDF #1, 1981
10.40|HSDF #2, 1982
10.41|HSDF 8-10 Mt. Auburn St. Project, 1984-1985
10.42|HSDF 59-63 Church St., 1986
10.43|HSDF 59-63 Church St., 1984
10.44|119-123 Mt. Auburn St. DiGiovanni, 1986-1987
10.45|HSDF 12-18 Eliot St (Banker), 1989
10.46|Small Business Hearing CDD Report 1998
10.47|H. U. Reshchanson 65 JFK St Garage Owned by Trinity Realty, 1984
10.48|IPOP- Interim Planning Overlay Petition, 1998
10.49|King of Thailand Monument], 1999
10.50|[22 Mt Auburn St.], 2000
10.51|[Cambridge Research Park], 1998
10.52|[1230 Mass. Av. One Bow Street], 2000
10.53|[Polishing the Trophy Harvard Development Plan], 1998
10.54|H. U. Letter in Support of US Dept of Envir. Health and Safety Grant App., 1997
10.55|Community Preservation Coalition, 1998
10.56|HSDF 125 Mt. Auburn St., 2000
10.57|[Cambridge City Information], 2000
10.58|[MC News], 2000
10.59|[Harvest Restaurant], 2000
10.60|[Harvard announcement], 2000
10.61|[HSDF comments on SIP], 2000
10.62|[Post office Reconstruction Plan], 2000
10.63|[Knafel Center], 2000
10.64|Knafel Center H. U., 1997
10.65|Knafel Center H. U., 1998
10.66|Stop Knafel/ HSDF Fundraising, 1998
10.67|Mahoney Site, 1999-2000
10.68-10.69|St. Paul’s Church Site, 1986-1987

Box 11: HSDF Box 11 (Activism Against New Development)

Number|Folder Title
11.1|Armenian Church, 1984
11.2|Brattle Theatre Brattle Way Building , 1988
11.3|Bulfinch Project, 1998
11.4|Central Sq. Holmes Devel., 1997
11.5|License Committee Charles Sq. Application, 1998
11.6|Parcel 1b Lawsuit, 1980
11.7|Committee On Parcel 1b – newsletters correspondence, 1978-1979
11.8|HSDF Amendment to Charles Sq. Special Permit, 1993
11.9|PUD – Parcel 1b Charles Square, 1984
11.10|HSDF Charles Square, 1983-1985
11.11|Citgo Station, 1991
11.12|Coolidge Bank, 1982
11.13|DiGiovanni Garage, 1984
11.14|JFK St Garage Loudig, 1984
11.15|Galleria, 1999
11.16|JFK Library, 1974
11.17|MBTA Yards Project, 1978
11.18|Niles Development Mass Ave., 1983
11.19|HSDF U.S. Post Office – Mt. Auburn, 1989
11.20|Read Block [Cambridge Savings Bank Project], 1996-1997
11.21|Rebecca’s – Outside Addition, 1988-1989
11.22|The Red House (98 Winthrop), 2000
11.23|Swedenborg Chapel, 1998-1999
11.24|Winthrop Park/Winthrop Square, 1984-1989
11.25|Winthrop Park Fund Raising, 1984-1986
11.26|Cambridge Savings Bank (CSB): Wursthaus Project (File #4), 1997
11.27|CHC Hearings Wursthaus and Grendels, 1996
11.28|CSB: Wursthaus Project CHC Hearings (File #3), 1996
11.29|The Square Liberation Front, 1996
11.30|Wursthaus Letters to CHC, 1997
11.31|CSB: Wursthaus Development (File #2), 1996
11.32|CSB: Wursthaus Development (File #1), 1995
11.33|Landmark Petition CSB, 1995
11.34|Grendel’s Development (1 Winthrop Square), 1997
11.35|Craigie Arms, 1983-1985
11.36|Fogg Museum Expansion and Parking, 1993
11.37|Reports/Guides to Harvard University
11.38|Harvard Governing Boards, 1990
11.39|Harvard University Presidential Search Committee Correspondence, 1990
11.40|Institutional Growth Ordinance, 1980-1981
11.41|Harvard In-Lieu-of-Tax-Payments, 1991
11.42|Harvard University and Taxes, 1989-1990
11.43|Miscellaneous Institutional Expansion, 1992
11.44|Report on Harvard Expansion from 1990 Neighborhood Forum, 1990
11.45|Harvard Forum, 1990
11.46|Harvard Expansion Chronology, 1990
11.47|Harvard Forum Clippings, 1990
11.48|Harvard Neighbors, 1990
11.49|Quality life Harvard, 1990
11.50|A Long Range Plan for Harvard University and Radcliffe College, 1974
11.51|Harvard Manor House Renovation, 1995-1996
11.52|Harvard University Neighborhood Joint Committee, 1999

Box 12: HSDF Box 12 (Activism Against New Development)

Number|Folder Title
12.1|Harvard University Opportunities for Partnerships in Affordable Housing, 1999
12.2|Harvard University Investing in the Future, 1999
12.3|Harvard in the Community, 1999-2000
12.4|Town Gown, 1998
12.5|Town Gown Update, 1998
12.6|Town Gown Report and University Data, 1997
12.7|Joint Committee for Harvard-Neighborhood Consultation, 1997
12.8|Joint Committee for Harvard-Neighborhood Consultation, 1998
12.9|Harvard University Hires Mary Power, 1997
12.10|Harvard University Community Report, 1992
12.11|Town Gown Task Force, 1991
12.12|Letter to Rudenstine, 1991
12.13|Harvard Neighborhood Committee, 1993
12.14|Harvard University Neighborhood Joint Committee, 1992
12.15|Harvard University Neighborhood Task Force, 1991
12.16|Harvard University Community Advisory Committee, 1990
12.17|Harvard University Advisory Committee, 1989
12.18|Hasty Pudding, 2000
12.19|JFK School of Government – Task Force IV Phase, 1987
12.20|JFK School of Government – Phase III, 1985
12.21|Inn at Harvard, 1993
12.22|Harvard Hotel/Quincy Square, 1988-1990
12.23|Holyoke Center, 1993-1995
12.24|Holyoke Center Renovations, 1993
12.25|Holyoke Center Renovations, 1992
12.26|Zero Arrow Street Plans, 1998

Subseries IV: Activism Against Bus Tours
Contains meeting minutes, research files, and correspondence related to HSDF’s resistance to Bus and duck tours operating in Harvard Square.

Box 12: HSDF Box 12 (Activism Against Bus Tours)

Number|Folder Title
12.27|Duck Tours, 2004
12.28|Trolley Tours: Harvard Square/Memorial Drive, 1998-1999
12.29|Boston Duck Tours, 1990-1993
12.30-12.32|Duck Tours, 1993
12.33|Duck Boats, 2004-2005
12.34|Duck Boats, 2005
12.35|Nautical Tours Applications – LC, 2006
12.36|[e-mail from Jinny Nathans to Erin Smith], 2006
12.37|[License Commission Meeting September 12], 2006
12.38|[Statement of HSDF on Nautical Tours], 2006
12.39|Tourism, 1998
12.40|[Minuteman Trolley Tours], 1998
12.41|HSDF Minuteman Trolley – Drop Off, 1999
12.42-12.43|Minuteman Tours License Application, 1998
12.44|Duck Tour/Richard Scali, 2004

Subseries V: Activism Relating to Zoning, Laws, and Historical Designation
Contains meeting minutes, research files, correspondence, and other materials related to HSDF’s influence on zoning and other regulations, such as parking, and truck access, as well as their desire to obtain Historic Designation for buildings and structures in and around Harvard Square.

Box 12: HSDF Box 12 (Activism Relating to Zoning, Laws, and Historical Designation)

Number|Folder Title
12.45|Sign Ordinance, 2005
12.46|Air Pollution, 1998-2001
12.47|Rezoning Petition, 2000
12.48|Zoning Changes Cambridge Non-Conforming Structures, 1992-1993

Box 13: HSDF Box 13 (Activism Relating to Zoning, Laws, and Historical Designation

Number|Folder Title
13.1-13.3|Cambridge Parking Freeze, 1990-2000
13.4|Cambridge Parking Demand Management, 1998
13.5|Trucks – Limit on Size, 1997-1998
13.6|Parking Freeze – Revisions by City Manager, 1996
13.7|Dep Hearings on Parking Freeze, 1997
13.8|Neighborhood Forum, 2002
13.9-13.10|Harvard Square Historic District 7, 2000-2001
13.11-13.12|Harvard Square Historic District Study – Commission, 1999
13.13|Harvard Square Historic District Proposal, 1999
13.14|Historic Review – Materials, n.d.
13.15|Cambridge Tree Ordinance, 2006
13.16|Access Board, 1996-2006
13.17|Harvard Square – General, 1975-1992
13.18|Harvard Square – Maps, n.d.
13.19|Zoning Maps – Harvard Square, 1997
13.20|Map Reproduction Project, 1981
13.21|Noise. 1999
13.22-13.24|Parking Freeze, 1992
13.25|EPA Parking Freeze – Binney Street Garage, 1988-1991
13.26|Costs of Parking Spaces, 1987
13.27|Parking – Harvard, 1991
13.28|Parking – Harvard Square, 1981-1992
13.29|Parking – Boston, 1983-1989
13.30-13.31|Parking Suggestions, 1972-1984
13.32|Parking Amendment – JFK Garage, 1984
13.33|Cambridge – General, 1980
13.34|Cambridge City Council, 1998
13.35|Cambridge City Council Election and Mayoral Vote, 1997-1998
13.36|City Council Order on Board Appointments, 1990
13.37|Cambridge Common, 1998
13.38|Cambridge Tree Ordinance, 1999
13.39|Care for the Square, 1994-1999
13.40-13.41|City Manager Evaluations, 1992-1993
13.42|City Manager, 1991
13.43|Meetings with City Manager, 1987-1988
13.44-13.45|Overlay District (general), 1973-1986

Box 14: HSDF Box 14 (Activism Relating to Zoning, Laws, and Historical Designation)

Number|Folder Title
14.1|Overlay District Report I, 1988
14.2|Overlay District D2 Petition, 1988
14.3|Conlan II – Rezoning Petition, 1988
14.4|Conlan II – Rezoning Petition, 1988-1989
14.5-14.6|Conlan I – D2 Petition Hearing, 1988
14.7|Conlan I – Coalition for Harvard Square, 1988
14.8|Webb Nichols Graphics for Conlan Petition, 1988
14.9|Bornheim Petition, 1989
14.10|Crystal Petition, 1989
14.11|Fundraising – D2 Petition, 1987
14.12|Medwed – Far Reform Petition, 1988
14.13|Draft – Moratorium Referendum, 1989
14.14|Nichols – Financial Doc Petition, 1989
14.15|Riverside Downzoning, 1986
14.16|Downzoning Petitions (misc), 1988-1992
14.17|Zoning Petitions: Procedures and Referendums, n.d.
14.18|Sign Ordinance Report, 1990
14.19|Billboard Ordinance, 1989-1990
14.20|Electronic Messages, Inc., 1985
14.21|Harvard Square Theater, 1982
14.22|1 Brattle Square – HMV Sign Variance, 1991
14.23|Growth Policy Discussion, 1992
14.24|Growth Policy Discussion, 1991
14.25|Citywide Growth Management, 1999
14.26|Growth Management Advisory Committee, 1998
14.27|Growth Management/Citywide Zoning, 1997
14.28-14.29|Growth Policy Report, 1976
14.30|News Articles About Growth Controls, 1988-1997
14.31|Studies for Alternative Development, 1975
14.32|GSD Study (gen?), 1983-1984
14.33|GSD Study (gen?) – Newspaper clippings, 1983-1984
14.34|Cambridge Historical Commission – CH 40 C, 1977-1987
14.35|Cambridge Historical Commission – CH 40 C – newspaper clippings, 1977-1987
14.36|Landmark Petitions/Reports filed by HSDF, 1988
14.37|Neighborhood Conservation District Ordinance, 1981
14.38|Harvard Square Historic District Study Commission, 1998-2000
14.39|Historic Mass Designation of Harvard Square as “Endangered”, 1997
14.40|John DiGiovanni Correspondence, 1992
14.41|HSBA Care for the Square, 2000-2001
14.42|Guide to Permits in Harvard Square Conservation District, 2001
14.43|Glenmullen’s Half Crown District, 2006
14.44|Townscape Sign Ordinance, 2005
14.45|Parking Freeze EPA Approval, 1998
14.46|[New Permits and Zoning], 2007
14.47|Charles River Basin Historic District, 1978
14.48|Campaign Contributors to CCs, 2005
14.49|[Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities], 2002
14.50|City of Camb. Announcements, 2007
14.51|[Two BZA Cases], 2006
14.52|[Memo related to Curb cut policy], 2006
14.53-14.55|HSDF Zoning, 2000
14.56|[Zoning Hearing December 15], 2004
14.57|[Charles Square Hotel Ice Rink], 2004
14.58|[New Store Signs], 2004
14.59|[New Special District 15], 2004
14.60|Ordinance Committee Hearing, 2004
14.61|New Recycling Barrels in Hd. Sq., 1998
14.62|Harvard Sq. Sign Photos, 1997-1999
14.63|HSDF – Street Musicians, 1992
14.64|Harvard Square Street Performers, 1990

Box 15: HSDF Box 15 (Activism Relating to Zoning, Laws, and Historical Designation)

Number|Folder Title
15.1|HSDF – Sidewalk Vendors, 1983-1984
15.2|HSDF – Public Way Ordinance (Proposed), 1986-1990
15.3|Alewife Traffic Plan, 1988
15.4|Parking/ Traffic News Articles, 1987-1988
15.5|[How to Get Out of Harvard SQ. In a Train], 1974
15.6|Subway, 1998
15.7|Trucks, 1999
15.8|Truck Advisory Committee, 1997
15.9|Truck Hearing 11/25, 1997
15.10|Trucks, 1996
15.11|Trucks, 1995
15.12|HSDF – Redline, 1983
15.13|[Trucking], 1998
15.14|Trucking, 1999
15.15|Trucks – Limitations, 1998
15.16|Video Games, 1980
15.17|East Cambridge Zoning, 1987-1988
15.18|[Zoning Primer], N. D.
15.19|Rezoning, 1998
15.20|Zoning Amendment 98.22, 1992-1993
15.21|Technical Amendments to Zoning Ordinance, 1990
15.22|Backyard Zoning Petitions, 1999
15.23|[Riverfront District], N.D.
15.24|[Zoning], 1974
15.25|Camb Zoning ord Sec. 10 variances, 1997
15.26|Citywide Downzoning – Hugh Russell, 1996
15.27|Zoning Cases, 1991
15.28|Affiliate Housing Zoning, 1983
15.29|Historical Commission, 2003
15.30|Harvard Square Neighborhood Conservation District Study, 2000
15.31|Town House – Zoning Change, 1995
15.32|Street Musicians, 1995
15.33|Harvard University Public Art at 74 Mt. Auburn Street, 1996
15.34|HSDF – Office of Tourism, 1994
15.35|Ha/ Neighborhood JT Committee, 1994
15.36|Stop & Shop/ Trucks on Memorial Drive, 1994
15.37|HSDF – Trucks: Harvard Square Brattle Street, 1994
15.38|Traffic Light – Brattle, Sparks & Craig Sts. Intersection, 1991
15.39|Pending Legis – MA Plan/ Dev Act (Sponsored by 1,000 Friends of Mass), 1994
15.40|New Camb. Environmental Prog., 1992
15.41|Street Musicians, 1994
15.42|Landmark Petition – Kiosk, 1994
15.43|Sign Ordinance, 1994
15.44|Materials gathered by Iten Fales re Bornheimer Petition, 1989
15.45|National Trust for Historical Preservation, 1998
15.46|BZA [Board of Zoning Appeal], 1998
15.47|[News article related to robberies], 1990
15.48|[Half Crown Conservation District], n.d.
15.49|[News articles related to parking and Harvard Square], 1987
15.50|[Historic Advisory committee: Joe’s advice, list], 1997
15.51|HSDF – Sale of Land Ordinance (Wolf) April, 1990
15.52|Local Bargaining Subcommittee, 1980
15.53|[Harvard Historic District], 1999
15.54|HSDF Standing Decisions, 1993-1997
15.55|[Fax to Gifford Regarding workers], 2000
15.56|[Draft ACN Zoning Provision], 2000
15.57|Scheme Z, 1994
15.58|[Charles River Parkways], 2001
15.59|HSDF Cleanup and Maintenance, 1984-1985
15.60|Frank Duchau Committee Clean up, 1984-1986
15.61|CHC Bylaw Ch. 2.78 Historical Buildings, 1996
15.62|Harvard Sq. Hist. Dist. Proposal, 2000
15.63-15.64|[Harvard Sq. Hist. Dist.], 2000
15.65|[Citywide Rezoning Plan], 2000
15.66|[Citywide Rezoning Petition], 2000
15.67|[Zipcar introduction], 2000
15.68|[Documents related to Harvard Square Historic District], 2000
15.69|Harvard Square Historic District Study Committee, 1997
15.70|Harvard Square Historic District Proposed, 1996
15.71|Historic District in Harvard Square, 1996
15.72|Proposed Historic District for Harvard Square, 1995
15.73|HSDF Allston, 2007

Series III: Legal Documents
Contains documents related to the various Lawsuits the HSDF was involved in through the course of their activism

Box 16: HSDF Box 16, (Legal Documents)

Number|Folder Title
16.1|HSDF v. CHC – Superior Court Proceedings, 2004
16.2|Abelman v. P.B. – LSF Expansion, 2003
16.3-16.4|Appeals Court HSDF v. Planning Board of the City of Cambridge, 1988-2002
16.5|Gifford v. Scali – Correspondence & Statements, 2000
16.6|Gifford v. Scali – Pleadings, 2006
16.7-16.8|Gifford v. Scali – Motions for S.J., 2006
16.9|Hillel Settlement, 1993
16.10|HSDF vs. Hillel #2, 1992
16.11|Hillel Parking Appeal, 1992
16.12|Jinpen Realty Trust vs. PB – Discovery, 1999
16.13|Gunwyn – Discovery, 2000
16.14|Zero Arrow St (Gundwyn) – Special Permit, 1997
16.15|Jinpen Realty Trust v. Planning Board et al., 1997-1998
16.16-16.17|Jinpen Realty Trust v. Planning Board et al., 1999
16.18|North Point Lawsuit Decision, 2007
16.19|HSDF vs. CHC ie. 50 Church St., 2003
16.20-16.21|Cherry/Webb/Touraine HSDF Appeal, 1988
16.22-16.23|Cherry/Webb/Touraine Appeals Court, 1988
16.24|Harvard Motor Inn – Suit vs Planning Board, 1988-1990
16.25|Conflict of Interest Ch. 268A, 1989-1990
16.26|Expert Affidavits, 1989-1990
16.27|Xerox-FR Letter, 1989
16.28-16.30|Harvard Motor Inn – Suit vs Planning Board, 1988-1990
16.21|[Jinpen Realty Trust v. Planning Board of the City of Cambridge], 2002
16.32|[Jinpen Realty Trust v. Planning Board], 1998
16.33|[Correspondence related to Gifford v. Scali], 2006
16.34|[Gifford v. Scali documents], 2006
16.35|[Gifford v. Scali Memo in opposition], 2006
16.36|[Gifford v. Scali documents], 2006
16.37|[Gifford v. Scali memo of law], 2006

Box 17: HSDF Box 17, (Legal Documents)

Number|Folder Title
17.1|[Gifford v. Scali documents], 2006
17.2|[Gifford v. Scali documents], 2006
17.3|Baldini’s Appeal Supreme Court, 1996
17.4|Schemez Lawsuit Letter, 1995
17.5|Schemez Money Letter Lists, 1995
17.6|Charles River Crossing City and CCLN Lawsuit, 1996-1997
17.7|SLAPP Suits GLc231559H Recent Decision, 1996
17.8-17.10|Motor Inn – SLAPP Suit, 1992-1993
17.11|HSDF – Slapp Suit Legislation, 1992-1993
17.12|SLAPP Suit Legislation, 1992-1993
17.13|Motor Inn – SLAPP Suit HSDF Counterclaim, 1992
17.14-17.15|Harvard Motor Inn Environmental Impact, 1990
17.16-17.17|Harvard Motor Inn – Suit vs. Planning Board, 1989
17.18-17.19|Harvard Motor Inn – Suit vs. Planning Board, 1988-1990
17.20|Motor Inn – SLAPP Suit Record Appendix, 1992
17.21-17.22|Motor Inn – SLAPP Suit, 1988-1993
17.23|Carpenter lawsuit vs Us, 1993
17.24|[Carpenter SLAPP Suit], 1992
17.25|Carpenter & Co lawsuit Original Complaint, 1992
17.26|lawsuit [Carpenter SLAPP], 1993
17.27|[Motor Inn – SLAPP], 1989
17.28|Harvard Motor Inn, 1989-1993
17.29|Motor Inn, 1989
17.30|Harvard Motor Inn – Parking Freeze Exemption, 1989-1991
17.31|Harvard Motor Inn, 1989-1993
17.32|Harvard Motor House Lawsuit, 1989
17.33|Harvard Motor Inn MBTA Lease, 1991
17.34|Harvard Motor Inn Planning Board Hearing, 1988-1992
17.35|Motor Inn – SLAPP Suit, 1992

Box 18 HSDF Box 18, (Legal Documents)

Number|Folder Title
18.1|SLAPP Suit – Bills, 1992-1993
18.2|Motor Inn – SLAPP suit, 1993
18.3|HSDF SLAPP Bill, 1995
18.4|SLAPP Suit Legislation, 1994
18.5|[Lexis Nexis Mass Law Printouts], 1994
18.6|[Lexis Nexis Mass. Law Printouts], 1994
18.7|[Letter from Bracken concerning Enos v. Secretary], 2000
18.8-18.9|Landis vs. P. B., 2000
18.10|[Landis vs. P.B.], 2001
18.11|[Landis et al. vs Anninger et al], 2000
18.12-18.14|Landis et al. vs. P. B.,2000
18.15|Left Bank Café vs. J. DiGiovanni and Trinity Realty CP II, 1996-1997
18.16|Jinpen Realty Trust v Cambridge Planning Board Proceedings, 1998-1999
18.17|Zero Arrow Street Correspondence, 1998-2002
18.18|Jinpen Appeal, 2001-2002
18.19|Zero Arrow Street Statements, 1998-2002
18.20|Gunwyn’s Motion for Summary Judgement, 1998
18.21|Jinpen Trial, 2001
18.22|Gunwyn Legal Authority, 2001-2002

Series IV: Financial Documents (Restricted)
Contains Restricted Financial documents relating to the operation of the HSDF

Box 19: HSDF Box 19, (Financial Documents: Restricted)

Number|Folder Title
19.1|Income Tax Returns, 2000
19.2|Bank Statements, 1992
19.3|Disbursements, 1992
19.4|Invoices, 1992
19.5|Bank Statements, 1991
19.6|Disbursements, 1991
19.7|Invoices, 1991
19.8|Bank Statements, 1990
19.9|Disbursements, 1990
19.10|Invoices, 1990
19.11|Bank Statements, 1989
19.12|Disbursements, 1989
19.13|Invoices, 1989
19.14|Bank Statements, 1988
19.15|Disbursements, 1988
19.16|Invoices, 1988
19.17|Bank Statements, 1987
19.18|Disbursements, 1987
19.19|Invoices, 1987
19.20|Invoices, 1986
19.21|Invoices, 1985
19.22|Invoices, 1984
19.23|Invoices, 1983
19.24|Tax Filings, 1984
19.25|Tax Filings, 1985
19.26|Tax Filings, 1986
19.27|Tax Filings, 1987
19.28|Tax Filings, 1988
19.29|Tax Filings, 1989
19.30|IRS – Tax Exempt Status, 1979-1993
19.31|Roger Cox Bills, Kassler Fever Bills, 1989-1991
19.32|E-Mail Addresses, 2006
19.33|Bank Statements, 1998
19.34|HSDF Billings – Legal/ Studies Etc, 1988
19.35|HSDF – Financial Statements, 1980-1986
19.36|Disbursements, 1998
19.37|Allison Perry – Payroll, 1998
19.38|Invoices, 1998
19.39|Interpay, 1998
19.40|HSDF Receipts, 1998
19.41|[Thomas B. Bracken Fee Increase], 1998
19.42|Bank Statements, 1997
19.43|Disbursements, 1997
19.44|Invoices, 1997
19.45|Bank Statements, 1996
19.46|Disbursements, 1996
19.47|Invoices, 1996
19.48|Bank Statements, 1995
19.49|Disbursements, 1995
19.50|Invoices, 1995
19.51|Bank Statements, 1994
19.52|Disbursements, 1994
19.53|Invoices, 1994
19.54|Bank Statements, 1993
19.55|Disbursements, 1993
19.56|Invoices, 1993
19.57|HSDF- Financials, 2007
19.58|Fundraiser, 2004?
19.59|Past Gifts, 1988
19.60|Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1991
19.61|Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1994
19.62|Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1996
19.63|Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1997
19.64|Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1998
19.65|Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1999
19.66|Financial Records (Carol Barneheimer, Treasurer), 1987-1988
19.67|[Gift of Caterpillar Stock to HSDF], 1989
19.68|[Letter concerning 8- 18 Eliot Street], 1989
19.69|Pat Lewis, 1992
19.70|Pebble’s Correspondence with Roger Cox about billing, 1989-1991
19.71|[Non-Profit Filings], 1981-1985
19.72|Mailed to Committee Of Mass. May 25, 1998
19.73|[Donations], 1996
19.74|[Donations], 1996

Box 20: HSDF Box 20, (Financial Documents: Restricted)

Number|Folder Title
20.1|[Donations], 1996
20.2-20.3|HSDF Donor Cards, 1997-1998
20.4|[HSDF Income, and Newsletter], 2000