Rindge Technical School Yearbooks, 1931-1977

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Acquisition: The collection was donated by Steve Surette in 2012 on behalf of the Rindge Alumni Association

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Historical Sketch:
The Rindge Technical School was first established in 1888 as the Cambridge Manual Training School as a result of a donation to the town made the previous year by Frederick H. Rindge. Rindge stated that he wished “the plain arts of industry to be taught…for boys of average talents, who may in it learn how their arms and hands can earn food, clothing, and shelter…” This school, renamed in 1899 as the Rindge Manual Training School, became the first manual training school in Massachusetts. Boys were taught firefighting, woodworking, drafting, and various other technical trades. Academic courses such as language, mathematics, and science were taught at Cambridge English High School. The school, along with Cambridge Latin School, was one of the first local schools to participate in formal athletic competition. The school began with teams in football and baseball, and in the 1890’s organized teams in basketball, hockey, track, and crew. It remained a separate entity until 1977, when the Rindge Manual Training School merged with the Cambridge High and Latin School. It continues today as a part of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Although it continues to offer courses in traditional areas such as carpentry, it now offers many courses suited to the modern economy such as biotechnology, graphic communication, and information technology.

Scope Note:
The Rindge Technical School Yearbook Collection, 1931-1977, consists of annuals documenting individual students of the graduating class, faculty, etc. Early yearbooks (1931-1936) include class prophecies, yearbook staff lists, class officers, class histories, and images of the school, as well as prints made from linoleum cuts by Rindge students. Later yearbooks also include photographs and lists of sports team members, photograph of classrooms, class superlatives, etc. In addition to regular annuals, the collection includes a fiftieth year anniversary volume entitled After 50 Years (1938) which documents the history of the first fifty years of the school, as well as a yearbook of the Cambridge Pilot School that included Rindge Technical School students.

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Rindge Technical School Yearbooks, 1931-1977

1.1|Senior Class Yearbook, 1931

1.2|Rindge Brownie, 1932

1.3|Rindge Brownie, 1932 (annotated)

1.4|Items removed from #1.3
|SEE #OS.1 for diploma

1.5|Rindge Brownie, 1933

1.6|Rindge Brownie, 1933 (annotated)

1.7|Rindge Brownie, 1933 (annotated)

1.8|Items removed from #1.7

1.9|Rindge Brownie, 1934

1.10|Rindge Brownie, 1934 (annotated)

1.11|Rindge Brownie, 1935

1.12|Rindge Brownie, 1935 (annotated)

1.13|Items removed from # 1.12

1.14|Rindge Brownie, 1936

1.15|After 50 Years, 1938

1.16|The Brownie, 1941

1.17|Rindge Brownie, 1945

1.18|The Brownie, 1947

1.19|Rindge Brownie, 1948

1.20|The Brownie, 1949

1.21|The Brownie, 1950

1.22|The Brownie, 1953 (annotated)

1.23|The Brownie, 1954

1.24|The Brownie, 1955

1.25|Items removed from #1.24

1.26|The Brownie, 1959

2.1|The Warrior, 1965

2.2|The Warrior, 1970

2.3|Cambridge Pilot School Yearbook, 1973

2.4|The Warrior, 1977