Renee gesturing emphatically with pie crust dough

Nov. 17 Pies with Petsi Recap: A Fundraiser for History Cambridge with Renee McLeod

Thu November 17, 2022
6:00 PM ET

What is it about pie that brings us all together? The delicious dish can be sweet or savory, it can be filled with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Crust designs and composition vary, and the origins and shapes of pie and the various shapes and compositions the pastry has taken go back thousands of years. For many, pies might seem complicated, pie crust in particular is so difficult that there is a booming market for pre-made crust, available in nearly all big-budget grocery stores. 

Renee making pie lattice in kitchen

Yet for History Cambridge board member Renee “Petsi” McLeod, making pies seems to come as naturally as breathing. On November 17th, her fellow board member Liz Adams opened her home for Renee to lead a pie-baking demonstration as a benefit for History Cambridge. Renee wove together stories of her childhood as she led the group through explanations of how to prepare pie crust. 

After taking attendees through the steps needed to make pie, they were given slices of pies that had already been made prior to the event. The event concluded with Renee sending attendees home with pie crust and slices of pie, and attendees were encouraged to make their own pies with recipes provided by Renee.

Special thanks again to Liz Adams for opening her home to this event, thanks to Renee for hosting, and thanks to Petsi Pies for donating ingredients.

If you missed this one, or want more, we hope to have another cooking event in the future!