Good Riddance 2020 Event GFX

Good Riddance 2020

Thu January 1, 1970

What did you leave behind?

Shred Old Troubles, Share New Hopes
Here at CHS, we decided to leave 2020 behind in a safe and socially distanced way. We had hoped to acquire—and then set fire to—a dumpster, but that proved to be logistically difficult. Instead, we offered you the opportunity to write down and then shred a memory, loss, or regret from the year. And because we want to look towards better times ahead, we also invited you to write down what you are taking into 2021.

This has been hard year for everyone. This event provided Cantabrigians with a chance to commemorate their own journeys, let them go, and move into 2021 with a fresh perspective. On Sunday, December 13, residents of Cambridge and beyond dropped by our headquarters to write down the things they wished to leave behind from 2020, run them through a shredder, and recycle them. Then they wrote down their hopes, dreams, and wishes on a piece of seeded paper – all that they have learned and gained from 2020 that they want to take with them into 2021. Participants took home their creations to plant. We are looking forward to seeing photos of these seedlings as they grow; if you participated in the Good Riddance event, please share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #seedlingsofhope

“Twenty-twenty has been a tough year in so many ways,” says Executive Director Marieke Van Damme. “We wanted a way to help people process that, commemorate it, and let it go.”

Here’s our #goodriddancemixtape. Want to add your song to the list? Share it with us on social media!