CANCELED — History Café 1: Wednesday, April 22

Thu January 1, 1970

The Cambridge Historical Society regrets that this event has been canceled due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

History Café 1: How Have Women Cured Cambridge?

Wednesday, April 22

In conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival, our first History Café of the year will be a discussion of women in the city’s medical field. From tending to the sick at home, to their presence on the battlefields of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars as nurses, to their challenge to the barriers of a male-dominated medical profession, Cambridge women have always been at the center of the healing arts.

Speaking are Jeanette Clough, President of Mount Auburn Hospital, and Dr. Ellen S. More, Professor of Psychiatry and Historian of Medicine, to discuss the history of health and medicine in Cambridge and, in particular, the unique role that women have played in caring for the city’s ill and infirm.