The Zeitgeist was a gallery and music venue located at the intersection of Broadway and Norfolk streets. The venue was founded in 1995 and it housed an art gallery, and held a weekly jazz series, called Playground. They also held film screenings at Carberry’s in the summer using 16mm films they obtained at the library. They also had a pirate radio station for three years. The Zeitgeist eventually became home to rockers and performance artists, including Amanda Palmer. Eventually a fire burned down the Zeitgeist and they moved temporarily into the Cloud Club.

Zeitgeist was not well liked by the city. They were seen as loud and strange—many of the artists lived in the basement of the Zeitgeist and many were part of counter-culture movements. With the end of rent control, the city kept raising the rent on the Zeitgeist and kept asking for more money per show. The Zeitgeist could not keep up. After finding a new space to perform they had to put on 30 shows per month just to keep up with the rent. The workers were all volunteers and many had jobs on the side. The Zeitgeist eventually disbanded, as the group had a hostile split with the Lily Pad, and members moved on.

Image courtesy of Sharon Miller (taken via Skype)