Comedy in Cambridge

There appears to be a link between stand-up comedy and Chinese restaurants in Cambridge. Both Hong Kong and Ding Ho have provided comedians a place to test their comedy. Hong Kong was established in 1954 as a Chinese Restaurant in Harvard Square. In 1970 the restaurant expanded to become 3 floors, which included an expanded dining space, a 2nd floor lounge, and a 3rd floor comedy studio and dance floor. The venue is still running today so feel free to stop by for a good comedy show.

The Ding Ho, on the other hand, no longer exists. The building was originally a comedy club called the Springfield Street Saloon, but it was unsuccessful. Shune Lee, the owner of a Chinese restaurant, bought the club in 1979 and asked a former bouncer to book new talent for comedy nights at the newly named Ding Ho. Jimmy Tingle got his start at the Ding Ho, as well as Denis Leary and Paula Poundstone, but unfortunately the club closed in 1984.

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