Oberon is the 2nd stage of the ART, located at 2 Arrow St, built by the Carr Foundation in 2004. The building is of a modern, glazed design with neoclassical elements, such as the precast concrete base, the pilasters, columns, and arches. The Carr Foundation sponsored the New Market Theater, which created experimental theater to promote social justice issues. They were hoping the building would provide a new space for them. The ART was looking to partner with the Carr Foundation as they were looking for a smaller, more intimate space, and a new rehearsal space. The Carr foundation was happy to oblige and the ART named their second stage, Oberon.

Oberon is known for its club theatre, in the sense that there is a bar and cabaret seating, or in the case of the Donkey Show, no seating. Oberon attracts a younger crowd, as the tickets are less expensive and it has a less traditional theater atmosphere. If you’ve been to the Donkey Show, a re-invention of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a 1970’s disco club, you’d understand. Oberon also features local performers and acts as “a thriving incubator for emerging artists,” such as aerialists, beat poets, and food artists.

Image courtesy of the A.R.T.