1939 – present


92 Kirkland St., Mid-Cambridge


Gourmet market and butcher




This Boston institution was opened in 1939 by Lithuanian immigrant Ibrahim Savenor in this location. A small and trusty corner grocer, it gained national notoriety in the sixties through the praises sung by its famous patron and neighbor, Julia Child. A symbiotic friendship developed between Julia and her butcher, proprietor Jack Savenor . Referring to her popular television show (on which he appeared) he once said, "How many geese do you think a guy could sell in a year? Maybe six, maybe seven. But the week after she works on the goose, I sell 65." Savenor's experienced a devastating fire in 1992, but was finally restored in 2005, to many loyal patron's delight. Charmingly, the signature "J.C." and famous salutation "Bon Appetite" are still visible on the front entrance sidewalk.

Photos by Rain Robertson, far right photo (bottom) courtesy of The Cambridge Historical Commission