Frank's Steak House


1938 – present


2310 Mass Ave., North Cambridge


Steak house and piano bar




Frank's is Boston's oldest established steak house. It first operated across the street, then put down roots in 1940 in its current spot. What's amusing is that no one's really sure who Frank was. The City Clerk's Office does note that the parcel of land was once registered to a "Frank Viano", and the preferred assumption is that he probably established the restaurant, which in its early days had no name. A more colorful theory says a regular barfly named Frank inspired its moniker. Owner "Red" O'Connel made the place a success, and when he died in 1974, it was taken over by Bill Ravanis Sr., who's family continues to serve up NY Sizzler Sirloins, Surf & Turf, and American red wines in the same fashion since.

Photo courtesy of The Cambridge Historical Commission