Tewksbury Historical Society

Overview: The collections of the Tewksbury Historical Society focus chiefly on the history of the town of Tewksbury and its residents. Highlights from the collection include a collection related to the Carter Farm, active throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and a number of newspaper articles about Tewksbury from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, many of which are located in a 1920s scrapbook. There is also a postcard collection centered on Silver Lake, a popular tourist destination in the early twentieth century.

American Revolution Materials: Tewksbury’s American Revolution collection includes war records for all of the Tewksbury soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War. There is also a relatively unadorned eighteenth-century powder horn.

Key Words: artifacts, soldiers/militia, Tewksbury

Collection Policies: The Tewksbury Historical Society is actively expanding its collection and takes donations related to the town’s history including photographs, postcards, deeds, and town papers. Limited information about the collection is available online, including a list of the Tewksbury men who fought in the American Revolution. The society has hosted exhibitions related to the town’s history in the past.