Haverhill Historical Society & Buttonwoods Museum

Overview: The Haverhill Historical Society’s collections focus primarily on the history of the Greater Haverhill area. Highlights of the collection include a number of artifacts and historic buildings associated with the town’s history. The Society is home to the Dustin-Duston Family Association artifacts relevant to Hannah Dustin, the artifacts and records of the Haverhill Archaeological Society, and artifacts from Bradford Academy/College. In addition, the institution maintains eighteenth- and nineteenth-century houses on its property and a nineteenth-century shoe shop.

American Revolution Materials: Materials connected to the American Revolution at the Haverhill Historical Society consist of a small collection of militaria artifacts.

Key Words: Artifacts

Collection Policies: The Haverhill Historical Society is not actively collecting at present and is in the process of cataloguing its collection. Approximately 20% of the Society’s holdings have been processed, and finding aids may be accessed in-house through the PastPerfect database. The institution is willing to lend materials for exhibits and has been involved in past exhibitions.