Cambridge Black History Project is an all-volunteer organization of individuals having deep roots in Cambridge. It is committed to researching, accurately documenting, preserving and illuminating the journeys, accomplishments and challenges of Black Cantabrigians, and to raising awareness of their stories through educational outreach to the Cambridge community and beyond.


Cambridge Black History Project shines the light of truth on the history of Cambridge’s Black community and disseminate it here and beyond.


Strives to educate others, especially young people, by sharing the discoveries we have uncovered through our research and verification.


Is accessible to groups and organizations throughout the city in need of our knowledge and expertise.


Endeavors to present factual history in a way that is free of bias, prejudice, and blame that will propel us into a dynamic future.

Cambridge African American Heritage Trail


Heritage Trail guide books are available for $2.00 plus shipping and handling. It is available to order through the History Cambridge Online Bookstore or stop by the offices of Cambridge History or the Cambridge Historical Commission. We also have a Teachers’ Resource Guide. For use by Cambridge Teachers and programs at local schools throughout the year.