About the Hooper-Lee-Nichols House (c. 1685)

On the National Register of Historic Places, the original section of this building was built in the late 17th century, making it the second oldest house in Cambridge and one of the oldest houses in New England. In excellent condition, the house serves as an elegant and functional background for your event.

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Bosphorus Room

This room is one of the two oldest in the house; recent dendrochronology dates the main support beam below this room to 1685. The wallpaper, installed in 1856, was printed by the leading Parisian scenic wallpaper company, Joseph Dufour et Cie, and depicts scenes of the Bosphorus in Turkey.

Chandler Room

Joseph Everett Chandler, an early specialist in preservation architecture, extensively remodeled the house in 1916-1917. Chandler planned the room to represent the house’s earliest Colonial architecture.  He laid down a brick floor when he found original bricks under nineteenth century flooring and repaired the huge fireplace, whose chimney stack may date from 1717. The dark, beaded wood paneling, small windows, heavy posts, and primitive woodwork are signature elements of an early twentieth century Colonial Revival style room.

East Parlor

Review of existing records suggest that this room and the one above it were part of a separate house brought here in 1716 as an addition to the original structure. It has had many alterations since that time, and now features Georgian and Federal-style elements. 


Questions? Call 617-547-4252 or email info@cambridgehistory.org