Folk Music in Cambridge Pennypacker HallJoan Baez Apartment Club 47University HallHayes-Bickford CafeteriaTula's Coffee GrinderFolklore CenterHarvard Square TheaterNameless Coffee HouseClub PassimOxford Ale Housevon Schmidt StudioKittredge Home Country Roads Craft StorePeter Wolf Apartment Packies Bar and Grille Kweskin House


University Hall

10 Folklore Center
2 Harvard Square Theater 11 Tula's Coffee Grinder
3 Nameless Coffee House 12 Hayes-Bickford Cafeteria
4 Club Passim 13 WHRB Pennypacker Hall
5 Oxford Ale House 14 Joan Baez' Apartment
6 von Schmidt Studio 15 Club 47
7 Kittredge Home 16 Packie's Bar and Grille
8 Peter Wolf Apartment 17 Kweskin House
9 Country Roads Crafts Store    



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