Ruggles-Fayerweather House

This property was partially named after its founder, George Ruggles who was thought to have originated from Jamaica. Like many Cambridge Tories, his wealth came from family-owned Caribbean plantations. In the 1770s, facing debtors, Ruggles sold the property to Thomas Fayerweather. Unlike Ruggles who likely escaped to England before the outbreak of the Revolution, Fayerweather's political leanings were unknown. The summer after the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill, the mansion was contributed to the Revolutionary Cause; it was utilized as a hospital, treating wounded and sick Continental soldiers. The family moved to another estate they owned in Oxford Mass. Following the evacuation of the British from Boston and the departure of the Continental Army, the Fayerweather family reclaimed the property.

Ruggles-Fayerweather House Ruggles-Fayerweather House Ruggles-Fayerweather House

Ruggles-Fayerweather House Today

Ruggles-Fayerweather House Today Ruggles-Fayerweather Houe Today Ruggles-Fayerweather House Today

Ruggles-Fayerweather Deed

To all people unto whom these presents shall come George Ruggles of Cambridge in the county of Middlesex in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Esq. sends greeting.  Know Ye that I the said George Ruggles for and in consideration of the sum of the two thousand pounds (lawyered) money of said Province to me in hand before the sealing hereof well and truly paid by Thomas Fayerweather of Boston in the county of Suffolk in said Province Esq. the receipt of whereof I do hereby acknowledge.  So Are granted, bargained and sold by these presents Do grant, bargain, sell, convey, and confirm unto the said Thomas Fayerweather. 

A (message) and tract of land in Cambridge aforesaid containing about forty acres bounded westerly on Samuel Thatcher’s land, northerly on the way leading to Fresh Pond, easterly on the Land of Joseph Lee Esq. southerly on the highway leading to Watertown & southwesterly on a private way leading to the said Thatcher’s land aforesaid.  Also another tract of land in Cambridge aforesaid containing about two acres and bounded northerly the same private way easterly on the said highway southerly and westerly on Stephan Palmer’s land. Also a piece of salt marsh in Cambridge aforesaid containing about four acres and bounded southeasterly on Charles River southwesterly on Christopher Grants land Northwesterly on Samuel Thatcher’s land and the highway Northeasterly John Hastings land.  Also a tract of land of meadow land in Cambridge aforesaid about nine acres bounded westerly on the way running by Fresh Pond northwesterly on the Brook called Fresh Pond Brook northerly and northwesterly on Abraham Watson’s land and southerly on land of William Brattle Esq. Together with all and (singular) the houses, out houses, edifices, buildings, (basements), and fences thereon standing yards, gardens, orchards, wells or water rights member profit privileges and (apprehences) whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining or there with _______ at any time here afore used occupied or enjoyed. 

To Save and To Sold the before described lands premises and ______ unto the said Thomas Fayerweather his heir and assigns to his and they only use and (behoof) forever and I the said George Ruggles for myself my heir Executors and Administrator do hereby (covenant) to and with the said Thomas Fayerweather his heirs and assigns that the sealing hereof I am lawful owner of said granted and sold premises and stand seized thereof an own right as a good estate of inheritance in (fee) Simple that I have lawful right to sell the same aforesaid that they are free of all (incumbrances) whatsoever and further that I and my heirs executors and Administrators will warrant and defend all the said granted and described premises unto the said Thomas Fayerweather and to his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever; In Witness whereof I do heredo sel my hand and seal this thirty first day of October Anno Domini One Thousand seven hundred and seventy four.

George Ruggles

Sign Sealed and Delivered
In the Presence of US
John Hill
John Winslow

Ruggles-Fayerweather Deed George Ruggles Signature on DeedRuggles-Fayerweather Deed

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