2012 Inner Belt Symposia

In 2012, the Cambridge Historical Society held a three-part symposia on the Inner Belt in Cambridge. The events were co-sponsored by MIT, Livable Streets, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and were underwritten by Irving House and Forest City. The planning committee included Karilyn Crockett, Richard Garver, Michael Kenney, Gavin Kleespies, Alyssa Pacy, and Jim Peters. Program One: The Role of Planners Working with Community GroupsWed, … Read More

Inner Belt Hub

Introduction The Inner Belt was a proposed eight-lane highway that would have connected U.S. Route I-93 to U.S. Route I-90 and I-95 through a ring road through Somerville and Central Square and across the B.U. Bridge and beyond through Boston to the Southeast Expressway. A group of city planners, community activists, universities, and politicians formed a coalition to block the construction … Read More

We’re looking for a Research Intern (paid)

December 2021 About History Cambridge History Cambridge engages with our city to explore how the past influences the present in order to shape a better future. Just as every person in Cambridge has knowledge about its history, every person in Cambridge is a steward of Cambridge history. We inspire people to be caretakers of the city and its history. About … Read More

Year-End Gratitude

2021 was not without it’s challenges, but we still managed to make history with you. We’re so thankful for the time we spent together, both in-person and online. We recorded a little video message to send off 2021, you can watch below: Did you miss an event in 2021? If there’s one great thing about having events online, it’s that … Read More

History Café Recap: Pandemic Roadshow

As 2021 and our year of asking “How Does Cambridge Mend?” came to a close, we invited you to think about the objects that have symbolized the pandemic experience for you, your family and your community. On December 16 we gathered via Zoom to share objects and discuss the importance of tangible symbols of the city’s pandemic experience. We were … Read More

A Brief History of “Ten Ten”

 By Elizabeth af Jochnick Before Ten Ten was Ten Ten, it was an in-patient infirmary for Harvard students, located next to Mount Auburn Hospital, known as the Stillman Infirmatory.  When the University moved its student health facilities to Harvard Square, they put the Infirmary up for sale.  Harvard offered to sell the building and the land surrounding it, to the … Read More